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It is no longer necessary to prove where President Obama was born.
The provable crime is now FORGERY of a government document used for identification,
which is a FELONY.

Dear Fellow Americans,

First of all I want to say that it does not matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent . What Obama and company did was lie to all of us and was aided by companies in the media who looked the other way, in essence they covered up for him. What I have presented is irrefutable proof that the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) that President Obama presented to the world on April 27, 2011 is a fraudulently created document put together using the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs and the creation of this forgery of a public document constitutes a class B felony in Hawaii and multiple felonies under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028, and therefore an impeachable offense. This whole affair is a serious national security issue and should not be construed as merely partisan politics or a racial issue. When this comes to the public’s attention, it will be the greatest scandal in the country’s history—nothing comes even close. This will surpass all previous scandals including the Watergate scandal of the Nixon administration.

A Obama's Certificate of Live Birth:
First of all I want to state that those of you who are "True Believers" of Obama and the left-wing of the Democratic party and wish to defend him and his COLB, you are stuck with defending what was stated during the April 27, 2011 Pre-news conference held at 8:48 a.m. (see below for the complete transcript), about an hour before Obama gave his news conference. I have included the text from that news conference and have highlighted in red the important facts you are stuck having to defend. That means you cannot bring up the alleged scan and OCR of the hard copy of the COLB because they never said that was done and presented to the public. They later said the document was just scanned, nothing more. To further prove that fact, the PDF file presented by the White House was NOT A SEARCHABLE PDF, got that--so you can't explain away the nine layers found in the COLB PDF as a result of an OCR program. You are stuck having to defend exactly what the White House Spokesmen said during this news conference.
I will later put up a challenge to those, who register we me, and who wish to disprove all nine items. The reason you have to disprove ALL nine items is because if ONLY ONE remains, Obama's Certificate is a fraud and he is then guilty of FORGERY! Also you should also realize that Obama does not deserve your support. I will assume you are all honorable people, you have just been ill taught and think that socialism is the best form of economic policy and government, I for one wish not to be a serf to any bureaucracy. I assume you would not perpetrate a forgery to deceive someone or a whole nation. Ask yourself: Why should you support this behavior? Doesn’t the Democratic party have any honorable people that can run for President?
Links to download and read.
  1. The original Obama Certificate of Live Birth presented on April 28, 2011, a PDF file of 380k.
  2. Revised and Expanded Affidavit of Douglas Vogt, May 22, 2011 Total of 8 items now listed.
  3. Final Report 28-page long preport of Douglas Vogt on the forgery of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth-News Release written by Douglas Vogt
  4. The 2009 Pentagon report on Economic Terrorism in 2008 entitled: Economic Warfare Risks and Responses by Kevin D. Freeman.
Summary of what is wrong with Obama's Certificate of Live Birth:
  1. Curved and non-curved type on the left-hand edge.
  2. A white haloing around all the type on the form.
  3. The Obama Certificate is loaded with both binary and grayscale letters on the same form supposedly from one scan.
  4. The Sequential Number is a forgery.
  5. Two different colors in Form boxes 17a, 20 and 22 Date Accepted by Reg. General.
  6. The official seal is not part of the Certificate of Live Birth and they used the wrong size impression of a seal.
  7. The hand stamped certification from the current registrar is a forged stamped notice.
  8. Forged signatures of the Mother and Registrar.
  9. Multiple layers in the PDF file from the White House.
Who has been notified:
A formal notice that multiple felonies had been committed under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Section 1028. I mailed the notice to Director Robert Mueller III at the FBI headquarters in Washington DC on May 25th and 26th (RE461679786US and EG410045020US). A copy of that notice was also mailed to Special Agent in Charge Frank Montoya in Honolulu, HI (70103090000164047965 and 9410803699300019474252). They were mailed there because that is where the crimes occurred. I have mailed copies of the full report to Republican members of the Senate on the Homeland Security Committee and on the House side the Congressman on the Ethics and Homeland Security Committees. I have also mailed it to additional Congressman.

            What you can do is write to your congressman and ask them to have hearing on this very serious matter. Write to Director Mueller of the FBI and ask him to please do an investigation and secure the evidence as soon as possible. The country is in great danger because of the actions this administration has done.

            It does not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent; Obama has deceived all of us and has lied his way to the top with the help of many leftists in and out of government. This should be a nonpartisan issue and should be examined as a grave national security issue.
The Laws that Have Been Broken
           I am not an attorney but was an accountant and worked for three CPA firms before I went into business for myself. I have read and understood the Federal Tax code, so understanding Title 18 is no problem. I have listed in Appendix D the entire section of the Federal Code that directly covers the seriousness of this fraud.

Under Hawaii State code §708-851, it would be forgery in the first degree which is a Class B Felony (Appendix B).

The Federal charges are much more extensive because of the nature of the crime, and who did it and the ramifications to the country. It would not surprise me that maximum prison sentences were given out but of course a judge and jury would have to determine that. The Federal law is covered under Title 18-Crimes and Criminal Procedures; Part 1-Crimes, Chapter 47- Fraud and False Statements, Section-1028-Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information is the main section that the forgery of a Certificate of Live Birth would be covered under. 1. Forgery of a public document; 2. Conspiracy to commit forgery, because Obama had to have paid someone to create the forgery and it is evident others were involved; 3. Obstruction of Justice if this went to trial; 4 and 5. If the conspirators had bribed a County Clerk(s) to insert this PDF file into the county’s document imaging system, you would have bribery and tampering with government records. All of these are felonies and are impeachable offenses. The penalty for committing document forgery is up to 15 years in prison and for just forging the unique Certificate number is another 5 years. At this point it does not matter if he was born in Kenya or Hawaii. He is now facing forgery charges and much more.

If Congress does not hold a hearing on this forgery, the vast majority of Americans will lose faith in our country’s legal system and governmental institutions. As it is, the public poll numbers for Congress are in the low two digits. Congress and the ruling elite have to decide whether we are a country of laws or are the laws only enforced on the little people and those outside of the ruling political party.

My Credentials:
I have a unique background that enables me to analyze this document in a competent, detailed, and extensive manner. I owned a typesetting company (Nova Typesetting) for eleven years, and thus have extensive knowledge and experience in type and form design. I have owned Archive Index Systems since 1993, a company that sells a wide selection of document scanners worldwide, and which also developed and sold document imaging software (TheRepository). Additionally, I have an extensive knowledge of how scanners function and their capabilities. I have also sold other document imaging programs, such as Laser Fiche, Liberty and Alchemy. I have sold and installed document imaging systems in city and county governments, and thus have extensive knowledge of municipal and county document imaging programs and procedures, including the design and implementation of such programs. Additionally, I have a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These factors will be crucial in understanding what has occurred with Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth.
            This article was written by Robert Moore:
The Lid Slams Shut or 
The Miracle of the Three Stamps
Here are the sides of the box: 
1.     April 25th Judith Corley, by order of the PRESIDENT retrieves from Fuddy and Onaka TWO hand made indisputably authenticated for the PRESIDENT Documents. We can call these Documents A & B.
2.      April 27th Prior to the hasty special PRESIDENT”S news conference on the morning of the 27th Attorney Savannah Guthrie, NBC News super star, legal analyst and soon to be host of the G.E. affiliated network’s Today Show and Obama approved document wizard, reviews and inspects, as the only human on the planet qualified, one of the TWO  Documents. It has no smiley face and she proclaims it's embossed. No smiley face is: Document A.  I believe.
3.      April 27th. Obama guarantees and authenticates the process, procedure and officiates at the baptism of the authentic documents just handed out to the White House press Corps. He asks for an end to this silliness. He orders a posting on the White House Web page of a document: a simple scan to Adobe pdf. and a web publish. No problemo. It has to be Document A or B.
4.     This side is no problem. We all have access. Maybe we have a copy. It’s the publishing of the White House pdf. The official Obama approved, handled, ordered, Attorney retrieved and scanned and uploaded Document. We see it matches the handout. And as we see it doesn’t match the Guthrie photo.  This document has a smiley face as does the handout. The Guthrie photo does not. Which document is this?  It has no smiley face. It does match the handout’s smiley face. The Guthrie photo has no smiley face and it’s Document A. Therefore it’s Document B, the missing Document of TWO. I believe. And now so should you.
      Let me tell you about the miracle of the three stamps. It is completely impossible for a human being to place 2 pieces of paper side by side and strike them both in the same exact identical place with a rubber stamp. Try it. Get your bank deposit stamp, a date stamp, even your kids’ toy stamp kit that stamps a flower, ink it, stamp it once on a sheet of paper and strike it again on a piece of paper along side, one that’s the same size, try it on lined paper. Place the 2 sheets afterwards in perfect alignment on top of each other, edge to edge, as one, and hold them up to the light. Do you see one stamp? Are they perfect overlapping mates? Or did you miss the spot? Now imagine that you have TWO documents that require three hand applied stamps. Each one stamped for date. Each one stamped for registrar. Each one crimped and therefore embossed by hand or in an electric official embosser. And they are for the PRESIDENT, That’s 6 stamps hand applied. Try it, ask your notary to do this, and you will see it’s impossible for a human to hand stamp 2 individual documents each in 3 places in the identical and perfect same place. This can only occur in printing. It can only be like matching labels or 2 aces of whatever from separate but alike decks of cards. It cannot happen by hand. I beg you to try, for the PRESIDENT. This is the lid and it slams shut here. The Guthrie photo when enlarged to the same exact size as the White House pdf. and both of them as I have pointed out are different: Document A is the Guthrie photo, no smiley face, Document B is the White House pdf with a smiley face, and while these are clearly TWO distinguishable documents A& B they happen to have 3 stamps in the exact same place and when they are overlapped or superimposed or measured by any means possible are like the labels of 2 mayonnaise jars or copies made at the same time. This is a miracle or final proof of a forgery. You can’t have exactly mapped stamps times one let alone times three on TWO different documents. But by Obama’s truth we have the miracle of the 3 stamps. I believe and so should you. Try it for yourself. If you succeed you are a forger or Obama.

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