Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Gasps of A Lame Duck

obama is expected to offer his laser like focused jobs plan in the next few days. What is anticipated is a warmed over push for infrastructure work. This will be "it's" final major effort to retain union support. Last year before SEIU's Andy Stern went dark, as in undercover, he came up with the “Infrastructure Bank” concept. Sounds impressive doesn't it ? Just like Move On .org, The Tides, Fact Check, The Annenberg Foundation and scads of other Oooofishall sounding groups. Problem with them, they are all designed to bring down and cripple America.

The “Infrastructure Bank” is no different from these other low brow con groups. What I think of when the I.B. concept is mentioned is a picture of the quintessential camel's nose under the tent.

To sell this dog turd to the American people, the Leftists, have fancied it up by adding the “Bank” tag. A "bank" willing to make subprime unsecured debt, to debtors with no means to repay, without taking out a 4th or 5th, on an already underwater property.

Originally Stern stated the I.B. should have $60 Billion “invested” by D.C., and then leverage these funds 10 to 1 in loans to the states for construction projects. Union contracted construction projects. If you want to know where this path leads look no farther than the Teachers Union pension/medical insurance debacles, that have state budgets awash in red ink.

The Infrastructure Bank isn't a bank first off. It is a means to tax. The states/their citizens will be buying overpriced, union construction work, 90% on credit. Just like the $800 Billion failed Stimulus, which went to obama cronies, the $600 Billion in leveraged I.B. loans will go to the unions. Just what the country needs, another chunk added to the public debt. This time it will be on the state level and will be a tax increase in waiting. Just so obama can retain 2012 union votes. It isn't about repairing America.

I don't know about you, but my state, Texas, has done just fine in deciding which road projects need a bond vote. Washington would usurp this authority from Austin, by offering these crack loans. Think of obama as the big fish dealer, Stern the street level pusher, and the unions functioning as drug gang members. The Infrastructure Bank, is really the Bank for Crackheads.

This should be close to the final display of obama's fake bi-partisan effort. Post I.B. shoot down, it's going to be full bore class warfare, divisive rhetoric, and calls to get in our faces, to bloody us. James Carvell predicted the summer of 2012 as a summer of unrest (riots).

Just like London, the action will not be restricted to random commericial areas. While the looters hit the mom and pop shops, the hardcore leftists will use this as a cover to target specific rightwingers. It would not surprise me, if this does happen, it will be the opening shots of the coming 2nd American Revolution. Left vs Right.


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