Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Wedge.

Limbaugh signed an eight year contract in 2008 for $400 million plus a signing bonus of $100 million.

A normal work week is 2080 hrs (40 hours for 52 weeks).

Limbaugh's scheduled on air time is 720 hours per year. ( 5 days per week @ 3hours per day for 52 weeks = 780 hours). Assuming he takes 1 month dedicated vacation per year, we are left with 720 hours. He also seems to be absent from the daily program quite frequently utilizing stand-ins, but no adjustment has been factored in for that.

Therefore, $500 million divided by 8 years = $62,500,000 per year divided by 720 hours = $86,805 per hour. I don't know if he or Clear Channel pays for the in-house operation of the EIB network. It seems that it works both ways with other radio hosts. With the many commercial and news breaks the hourly remuneration is considerably in excess of the quoted figure. Probably double.

Do you think he wants America 's political problems solved? They are his product and we are his customers. Think about it. This is all about keeping the population at odds with each other. Talk shows are just one of the contrived tools of division. The mouthpieces are Pied Pipers leading us to drown in the waters of our frustration...our indignation...our anger. We must have animosity to prevent us from focusing on our real mission - protecting and preserving the Constitution. The only way to do that is to criminally prosecute ALL who attempt to do otherwise. The only way to do that is to take control of our country and to govern impartially. That's where our focus must be.

The numbers may be different for Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, et al...but is it any wonder that they don't want the two party system to end? Putting Obama and his cohorts in jail would go a long way toward resolving political conflict and restoring America to its founding precepts.
Face facts. They know everything we know. They know the truth and will not step forward. These people and their ilk are not patriots. They are actually enemies of the state. Life is short and they are going to enjoy it whatever the cost to others.

By the way. The left versus the right, black versus white, ethnicity versus ethnicity, religion versus religion, the haves versus the have-not's, pro-life versus pro-abortion, are the tools that are used to divide and conquer us. Division is the weapon which will destroy us. In 1789 the Constitution became the basis for the United States federal government. I think it is much more than coincidence that such wise men as the Founding Fathers  existed...or that we became the UNITED States of America. That one word is the key to our existence or destruction.
What Limbaugh, and all the other players are doing with malice aforethought, is to create an oligarchy. Our national and international enemies are a league of criminal elitists. Their goal is Gangster Government.
United we stand - divided we fall.
Got it?
- Will


  1. Well said, Will!

    Lame Cherry also has outed these so-called "conservative" front benchers (RL, Levin, Hannity, BOR, Beck, Coulter, Malkin).

  2. I'm so glad somebody said this stuff.

    Another thing you didn't quite mention. These guys like limbaugh and hannity goes nuts over the thought of a third party. Let me give you one reason why. If there is a third party, their audience goes from a potential fifty percent of america to a potential third of america.
    Follow the money on that reduction. What does it mean to their bank accounts.

  3. BOTH parties AND the media moguls are under control of the same cabal... Bilderberger, TriLateral Commission, CFR, etc. The TWO parties have a symbiotic "good cop, bad cop" relationship. You get 8 years at the helm then it's our turn -- headed the same direction just different people at the helm.

    IF you think that, above, isn't so; just look at the obstacles that the TWO parties created by legislation to MAKE IT MOST DIFFICULT for any third party to qualify a candidate for the ballots. In many States, third party candidates can only appear as write-ins.

  4. This anti-capitalist drivel could have been written by the left trying to get the Right to form a circular firing squad. For the last 15 minutes Rush has been skewering 0bama, Colon Powell and the MSM, brilliantly and articulately. He is worth every penny paid to him through his free market income--NONE of which you or I are obligated to contribute to.

    Rush Limbaugh is a national treasure. Not perfect, but a treasure.

    P.S. Seems to me it isn't just false stories about underground nukes good websites are falling for...

  5. Yephora...with all due respect...Rush Limbaugh is NO national treasure. He is a fraud of his own liking. He would rather take the money than save his country. He has betrayed us...just like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and others who purport to be constitutionalists and patriots. They all know the truth...but they have sold their souls I am afraid. Each of the three mentioned here could change the course of history tomorrow and help save America. They have chosen not to. Shame on them.

  6. There are constraints on all those guys. Cross the line - the line being pounding away at 0bama's birth certificate forgery or SS# fraud the way we wish they would - and the Dem controlled FCC finds an excuse to pull the owner's broadcast licenses. Unless they play ball they're off the air. What good are they then?

    A third party now will cement 0mama's reelection. Is that what we want? Go third party after Oblahblah is defeated. Third party will just siphon off conservative votes and make the usurper a shoo-in. Unified opposition is needed now more than ever.

  7. Regrettably I have to post a case-in-point to the above. AM radio's conservative patriot, STEVE MALZBERG, has just been let go from his huge independent talk station, WOR-NY. Fired during vacation, they are not renewing his contract despite good ratings. Steve was UNAFRAID to discuss the usurper's fake birth certificate and Social Security number. He many times interviewed WND's Joe Farah, Jerome Corsi, Washington Times' Jeff Kuhner and of course, Orly Taitz, staying in touch with them all. Now without warning Steve Malzberg is off the air. And we are all losers for it.

    I don't know it for a fact but strongly suspect he had been warned, and that his bosses were warned: do something about this guy. They did.


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