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December 18, 2012 TPATH - It has been a few days now since the cold blooded murders of those poor little children in Sandy Hook.

As predictable as the frost on a December morning, long before the facts were known, long before the murdered were put to rest, the leftists began their assault on the US Constitution.

It is perfectly understandable that many people would react to this catastrophe with revulsion and a feeling of helplessness.  This is exactly the feelings and emotions, that the left hopes and dreams for, every day of their miserable lives.

We are not talking here about the people who are pounded with the concept, and then believe, that guns kill, and therefore, just make them illegal and the problem will be solved.

This is about those who espouse big government, socialist programs and leftist ideologies, that are hampered everyday by the freedoms and liberties afforded the people by our Constitution, a document they so virulently abhor.

Leftist, socialist and communist governments, throughout history, have left a murderous trail of blood, death, torture in their wake. The one continuous aspect of that mayhem has been the ability of those in power to keep its people uninformed and unarmed.

This idea may be lost on the common man, who sees mayhem and desires something be done.  But it is not lost on those in totalitarian  government and they will use that fear to get what they want.  A defenseless people.

Connecticut will be nothing more than another tool, another opportunity and another crisis for them to exploit.

This is not to say they wanted these children to die, but it is clear, they intend to use those deaths and the misery of their families as fuel to feed their ideology.  Watching politicians and leftist commentators over these past few days should be enough to convince even the most naive among us.

You could feel the anticipation, the excitement bubbling out of every pore, that maybe, finally this will be the time, this will be the event, that will force the government to confiscate arms from the American people.

And the media, with a dual edged agenda, the first consistent with socialist government views and the lust for the capitalist dollar, offering coverage of this event  24/7.  Every news outlet either inventing or broadcasting misinformation or fabrications in an effort to be first and keep commercial dollars flowing.

Many readers of TPATH are very aware and informed and much of what we list below is known by them.  But we thought that an itemized list of facts, not emotional rants, might help put this entire thing into perspective.

The Facts: 
Intellectually Incontrovertible
Emotionally Dispensable 
1. Mass killings are not on the rise, but in fact are in decline.

2. Mass killings are not just perpetrated in America, but all over the world and the deadliest, as here in America, are done in places where gun laws are the strictest.

3. Connecticut has just about the strictest gun laws in the country.

4. Mass killers are pathological and insane, they are not stupid.   Over and over again, what targets do they choose?  Gun-free zones, where they know they can do the most damage during the time it takes to notify and receive help from the police.

5. Sports analogy?  On any given NFL Sunday, the smart quarterback will throw the pass to the "unguarded receiver", if he can spot one.  Does it make much sense to post signs announcing "Unguarded Children"'?

6. There years ago Australia banned rifles and semi-automatic hand guns.  The result?  Crimes with guns increased across the board with home break-ins and armed robbery leading the way.

7. England banned private ownership of hunting weapons, confiscated and destroyed them.  The result?   Crimes with guns, including murder and armed robbery almost doubled.

8. During that time in England, as law abiding citizens turned in their weapons, the largest black market for arms and ammunition, anywhere in Europe, grew, as criminals armed themselves.

9. The Batman movie killer last year had his choice of fifteen theaters near or around his home.  He did not choose the closest one, he went to the one where the management had posted signs that prohibited the carrying of concealed weapons.  (Quarterback alert- Open receiver, in the end zone.)

10. The largest mass killing of children was not this wee in Sandy Hook. Unfortunately it was done buy one, Andrew Kehoe, hopefully no relation to yours truly, In 1927 when he killed over 59 men, women and children.   By the way, he used a bomb, not a rifle.

11. Everywhere in this country where the gun laws are the strictest, violent crimes using guns are highest.  And not by just a little.  As much as double or triple, the rates per capita.

12. Israel went through a vicious and murderous period when school children were being massacred on a regular basis.  After much discussion, reason prevailed, and now every class room in Israel has an armed teacher or aide.  How many school room deaths have there been since that law was enacted?    The answer is zero, as in none.

13.  Criminals love an unarmed victim and every weapon removed form the hands of a law abiding citizen is one less citizen the criminal needs to worry about.

14. There is no law on the books and no law ever written and no law that could ever be written, that will keep criminals and crazies  from acquiring and using weapons.

15. When an honest citizen is under assault and needs the police in seconds, they are minutes away.  A "safety" can be turned off in one second.

16. A person is statistically more likely to be hit with lighting than being injured or killed by a person legally in possession of a gun.

17. Since there is no way to dis-invent firearms and there is, nor will there ever be a law that can protect one from the illegal use of a firearm, that law abiding citizen better be armed, at least as well as the criminal.

18. If politicians are really serious about protecting our children they would not continue to create no-gun zones where open season on them is guaranteed.

19. An armed guard, retired policeman or trained teacher, in every school would do more to protect our children than the hundreds of thousands of gun laws already on the books.

20. If the real reason for trying to control guns is to protect the children, the Federal government could create a "Protect our Children Act" that would and hire an armed guard for every school in America. If there is not enough money for that, than how sincere is the sentiment?  

21. If Obama used the money he now spends arming Muslim terroristsand stopped sending billions to the Muslim Brotherhood, every school in America could be protected, not by a sign that says "Gun Free Zone"but one that says-

 "Guard On Duty and Armed"

22. There is a legal process to change our Constitution. Any other means used by any President, awash in phony tears or mired in a leftist agenda, who writes unconstitutional executive orders which infringe on the rights of American citizens, will be guilty of subversion of the Constitution and therefore, treason.

Not one single piece of information listed above can be honestly disputed.  All of it can and will be ignored because the real cures for what we face do not align with socialist government policies which strives an unarmed citizenry.

You can't legislate laws for the lawless and you can't deter the insane with sanity.  You can only be ready for them and kill them before they kill the innocent.

Taking weapons out of the hands of good, solid Americans will not remove one weapon form the hands of the bastards. If anyone really wants to protect the children, lets really protect them, spend some of the billions Obama has been wasting on stimulus, terrorists and green energy crooks, on armed guards for every school in America.

TPATH would gladly pay more taxes, if those taxes were spent on guarding our children and not supplying rocket propelled launchers to terrorists.

December 18, 2012 TPATH

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