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Until every military ballot of every soldier, sailor, airman and marine that was cast is counted, we will not be able to recognize this as a legitimate election.

Fellow Patriots,
WE KNOW there are more than enough military ballots still UNTALLIED from the November 6th General Election in some swing states to change the outcome of the presidential election.
Tens of thousands of military absentee ballots are unaccounted for – plus the Democrat Party and Obama administration abused their authority over our troops to impede their access to ballots and prevent our soldiers from voting. Ballots were not sent, sent too late, not facilitated, have gone astray… all under the direct administration of Obama partisans.
Until every military ballot of every soldier, sailor, airman and marine that was cast is counted, we will not be able to recognize this as a legitimate election.
This chart shows the success the Obama "Forward" campaign had in suppressing the military vote in the 2012 Presidential General Election. We must fight back. Time to ACT NOW!
If we take action right now, today, we can rely upon our Constitution to crush Obama's illicit re-election to a second term just as he crushed our soldiers' lawful right and access to vote.
Certainly, the popular vote results are in for the 2012 Presidential Election – with the GLARING exception of many thousands of missing military absentee ballots which were delivered hours after the deadline for them to be counted. And this does NOT count the many more thousands of ballots which were REQUESTED in writing but which never reached soldiers, and which consequently NEVER EVEN GOT TO BE CAST!
But remember, our presidential election is not decided by popular vote but by electors who will meet THIS COMING MONDAY, the second Wednesday in December, when the actual election, or UNLESS WE ACT the re-election, of the president occurs.
The disenfranchisement of our uniformed men and women of their right to vote is more far-reaching than ballots simply not showing up or some of the ballots being destroyed in an unavoidable accident –
Half of the "installation voting assistance offices" pr IVAOs necessary to facilitate voting for deployed military personnel, and required by federal law on every base, were never established.
In Wisconsin alone, at least 30 municipalities failed to send ballots to members of the military before the 45-day election deadline.
A Washington Times report said the Pentagon's own inspector general found that requests for assistance to the voter assistance offices on military bases had a 50-percent failure rate.
According to the Naval Enlisted Reserve Association, scores of military absentee ballots are missing.
The Obama administration SUED to stop military enfranchisement reforms or "pro-troop voting protecting efforts" in the words of Michelle Malkin as published at
Obama's attorneys actually argued in court that our soldiers deserve no special accommodation to vote and these anti-patriot, anti-military leftists WON!
The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that Ohio – a key swing-state in this election – would not be allowed to provide members of the military three extra days to vote early, to accommodate mobilization, deployment, training and travel demands on their schedules.
Our soldiers get killed, maimed, and traumatized for life while serving their country, but Barack Obama and his lawyers robbed them of their right to vote.
Officials are 'officially' saying that the ballots were delivered late due to problems with the military mail system, while lawmakers have said that it could take up to two months after the election – that's right, until January – before the ballots even arrive to be processed!
But we don't have to wait until January to DEMAND OUR MILITARY VOTES BE COUNTED… we can still uphold the integrity of the right to vote in America – RIGHT NOW!
"We write to express concerns over another serious failure by the Department of Defense to safeguard the voting rights of our overseas military service members, which we believe could result in the imminent disenfranchisement of thousands," stated a letter sent to Defense Department Secretary Leon Panetta by Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., John McCain, R-Ariz., Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Marco Rubio, R-Fla.
WE are not giving up our fight for our soldiers' voices to be heard. WE have allies on Capitol Hill. Every U.S. Citizen is guaranteed the right to vote and the opportunity to exercise that right. What happened to the hundreds of thousands of soldiers whose voices were silenced through EITHER A VOTER SUPPRESSION SCHEME of epic proportions or by sheer INCOMPETENCE was CRIMINALLY WRONG.
It MUST be made RIGHT! Our brave men and women overseas have sacrificed time with their loved ones, their health and well-being, so that America remains sovereign, safe and free. While many have not only been born with the right to vote, they have ALL earned it with their service. Our soldiers deserve every opportunity to cast their ballot and decide who is giving them their orders into battle.
Barack Obama disenfranchised our soldiers by crushing their ability to vote and have their votes count, but now we've found a way to fight back – by stopping the Electoral College RUBBER-STAMPING A TAINTED RESULT FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD AND MILITARY VOTER SUPPRESSION!
Time to force the vote to be decided by Constitutional process in the U.S. House of Representatives.
If all our soldiers had been able to vote and have their vote counted in time for the election, would Mitt Romney have won the election? Very Possibly.
Did Obama steal the election by robbing our soldiers of their right to vote and by shoring up his base with illicit Big Government handouts – unlawful graft like "Obama" phones? You bet he did.
A Military Times poll found that members of our active and reserve military overwhelmingly favor Romney over Obama 2 to 1. Their votes were SYSTEMICALLY and SYSTEMATICALLY DISENFRANCHISED. But it's not too late for our soldiers to have their voices heard. There is a last, final way to hold Barack Obama accountable to a fair national, Constitutional vote result, but we must take action right now if we're to have a chance of restoring America's greatness.
Constitutional recourse is our only chance to take back the election for a RESULT NOT TAINTED BY FRAUD AND CONSISTENT WITH BALLOT INTEGRITY,and we CAN’T WAIT for a total, manipulated court-order recount drama or until many thousands of missing or undelivered military ballots are fought over to make our soldiers' voices heard.
We MUST stop the Electoral College from rubber-stamping a TAINTED RESULT.
We must demand that the Electoral College NOT cast their votes because of suppression of the military vote, and lawfully use the Constitution to have the U.S. House render a verdict for the Oval Office for the American electorate!
According to the 12th Amendment and Article II of the Constitution, which govern the Electoral College, to select the president in a contested result, the decision goes to the House of Representatives for a vote by the State delegations, which must have a quorum of two-thirds of the States voting –
That conceivably means, if enough States refuse to participate in "confirming" apparently tainted results, the Electoral College cannot vote or decide.
What happens next is brilliant AND completely Constitutional –
If the Electoral College cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president is delegated to the Congress with the House of Representatives to select the president and the Senate to select the vice president!
This is HUGE! Conservatives hold a majority in the House and we're presuming that even the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) would vote for Mitt Romney while the Democrats in the Senate would vote for Joe Biden for V.P. sending Barack Obama back to his community organizing in Chicago!
Mitt Romney carried 24 states. Conservative activists from across the nation, – in every state, – must contact the governors, the Congress – most especially the Republican Conference – and the attorneys general in all 24 of these states and tell them to hold their ground and NOT participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17.
If we can get just a few of those States to dig in their heels, the Electoral College will have "a contested result" that could send the election to the House of Representatives.
The popular vote was held weeks ago but Mitt Romney could still be president in January.
By no means is Mitt Romney the perfect conservative candidate, but he is NOT Barack Obama, WHO WAS NOT THE CHOICE OF OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN WHOSE VOTES WERE COUNTED – and you can bet Romney would be a better Commander-in-Chief than what we have now.
A Republican administration has a far better agenda to restore America to greatness, protect us from our enemies, and pull this country out of Obama's Great Recession.
A Republican administration has policies that will put Americans back to work creating new free market opportunities for Americans to take care of themselves, not to rely on government handouts.
A Republican administration will stop the creeping socialism destroying our free market economy and overgrowing the government.
Constitutional recourse is a wholly legitimate means to uphold the integrity of our voting franchise, KEEP FAITH WITH OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN, and GAIN A LAWFUL RESULT FOR THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! We MUST seize this opportunity to make sure that no electoral votes DECIDE AN ILLEGITIMATE RESULT!
INSTEAD, we CAN and MUST force a House vote for President of the United States before an illicit and fraud-tainted second Obama term destroys limited government and American freedom and prosperity right along with it.
We can still save this country – the greatest, most exceptional on earth – and we can use the Constitution to do it, but we must take action now.
We implore you, fax all red-state officials and members of Congress TODAY.

For America,
The Editors
American Sovereignty PAC –

To send a check, please mail to:
American Sovereignty PAC
PO Box 131728
Houston, TX 77219-1728

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