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by Capt. Joseph R. John (Ret.), ©2015, Co-Founder, CombatVeteransForCongress, first posted at Dr. Rich Sweier
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(May 8, 2015) — By evaluating an overwhelming amount of evidence that has been building for 6½ years, the obvious conclusion personnel with extensive military experience will come to, is that Obama’s military policies have been degrading the finest US military fighting force in history.  Over the last 6½ years, the US Armed Forces has been hollowed out by Obama, his Social Experiment On Diversity has severely fractured unit cohesiveness, his “Politically Correct Policies” have negatively affected unit morale, and the  “Combat Effectiveness” of the US military is being degraded.  Tip of the spear combat units are being compromised by preventing military combat veterans, with a great deal of combat experience, from providing their invaluable operational experience being considered and evaluated, in the debate within the Obama administration, over whether female military personnel should be exposed to hand to hand combat against highly trained enemy infantry units and enemy special operations personnel. None of the below highlighted actions which have been degrading the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces for the last 6½ years could have been instituted without the willing support of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who should have resigned rather than execute Obama’s below listed policies that have been degrading the US Armed Forces.
The Flag and General Officer Corps have been prevented from opposing and challenging the hollowing-out of the US Armed Forces and the degrading of the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US  military by the occupant in the Oval Office.  A total of 195 Flag, General, and Senior Military Officers, who may have disagreed with Obama’s “Politically Correct Policies’ and his “Social Experiment on Diversity” that was negatively affecting unit cohesiveness, the moral, and the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Armed Forces, were purged.  Senior enlisted military personnel who utilized their right to complain through the chain of command about many of the new policies to express their concerns were also been purged, and in some cases were court-martialed and dishonorably discharged.
The US Army is being reduced to the manning level that existed prior to WWII.  The US Navy is being reduced to the number of ships it had prior to WWI, down from President Regan’s 584-ship Navy to Obama’s 284 ships Navy today (1/3 of those ships are going through shipyard availability and modernizations programs).  Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert told lawmakers that the Navy would need a 450-ship fleet, in order to meet the global needs of combatant commanders.  The most effective long range offensive missile in the US Navy arsenal, the Tomahawk Missile (TLAM), is being scrapped by Obama.  The TLAM  combines accuracy, range lethality, mobility defense against being jammed, is relatively low cost, and is simple to fix and change targets.
When the Navy reordered 980 TLAMs to bring its inventory current, with the most up-to-date models, not only was the request denied by Obama’s civilian appointees at DOD, the decision was taken to completely end production of all TLAMs in fiscal 2016.  No orders for the TLAM will be allowed to be placed after autumn 2015, and there is no replacement missile system under development or in the works to take its place.  NO STRATEGIC JUSTIFICATION HAS BEEN OFFERED TO THE US NAVY BY THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO ACCOUNT FOR THE CANCELLATION OF THIS VERY EFFECTIVE WEAPON.  The TLAM’s usefulness as a weapon system in combat will expire in 5 years.
In violation of a Federal Law which requires the President to seek approval from Congress in advance of the release of prisoners from the Naval Prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO), Obama released 5 dangerous Radical Islamic Taliban Terrorist Generals from GITMO for an Army deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  According to an elected Combat Veteran For Congress, Cong Duncan D. Hunter, Maj-USMCR (D-CA-52),  a ransom was paid in February 2014 to an Afghanistan middleman by Spec Ops personnel which was another violation of Federal Law by Obama.  Obama doubled down and released 5 more dangerous terrorists from GITMO while Americans were distracted by the massive press reports of Obama’s Executive Order preventing ICE from deporting 5 million Illegal Aliens, an in effect cancelling all deportation except in some very special cases.  The occupant of the Oval Office then released an additional 6 dangerous terrorist from GITMO, labeling then as refugees—now terrorists are designated as refugees by Obama.  Those releases are an assault on the US military who captured them, sometimes at a loss of life, because they will soon be killing American servicemen again.
The “Justification” given by the Obama administration for the exchange of 5 dangerous Radical Islamic Taliban Terrorist Generals was “We leave no military personnel behind”:
(1)   Obama and Hilary Clinton left 4 Americans behind, including 2 Navy SEALs, to be murdered in Benghazi by Radical Islamic Terrorists, while there were armed aircraft less than 2 hours away that could have saved their lives, but the US Armed Forces was prevented from rescuing of the 4 Americans, because Obama refused to execute “Cross Border Authority” which would have been required to authorize a military rescue mission—violating the sacred trust,  “We leave no military personnel behind”:
(2)   Obama left Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, USMC behind (an Iraqi War Combat Marine Veteran suffering from PTSD) to be tortured in a Mexican prison for over 7 months; his only crime was to mistakenly cross the wide-open southern border because of bad signage on the US side of the border— violating the. Sacred trust  “We leave no military personnel behind”:
(3)   Since January 2012, for over 1600 days, Obama has left Sgt. Amir Hekmati, USMC behind (an Iraqi War Combat Marine Veteran) to be tortured in an Iranian prison; his only crime was to seek and obtain permission form the Iranian Government, in advance, to visit his dying grandmother—- violating the. Sacred trust  “We leave no military personnel behind”: 
In January of 2013, the Obama administration announced its decision to make female military personnel eligible for assignment to direct ground combat units by January 2016, including the infantry..  The Obama civilian appointees in the Pentagon are forcing the US Army to insert women into the one of the most grueling training regimens in the entire military establishment, the U.S. Army Rangers.  They are planning to reduce the physical requirements for military personnel to qualify as a Ranger so that women will be able to pass the rigorous training and qualifications; that will negatively affect the “Combat Effectiveness” of one of the most important tip of the spear units in the Army.
A study was conducted by the British Ministry of Defense which tears to shreds the case for women in close ground combat.  One of the findings of the study was that under conditions of high-intensity, close quarter battle, “team cohesion is of such significance that the employment of women in this environment would represent a risk to the ‘Combat Effectiveness’ and there would be no gains in terms of ‘Combat Effectiveness’ to offset it.” The question is whether women should purposely be placed in situations where they must close with the enemy, one on one,  in extremes of physical endurance, climate, and terrain, brutal and violent death, injury, horror, and fear, just to satisfy the “Politically Correct” feminist agenda.
Obama is planning to compromise extremely high standards of tip of the spear units that have resulted in outstanding combat results for the last 75 years, Obama’s compromise of those tip of the spear units will be destruction to the “Combat Effectiveness” of units like the US Marine Corps Infantry, US Army Rangers, the Green Berets, Delta Force, and US Navy SEALs, and will disrupt the “Warrior Spirit” and “Ethos” so carefully nurtured over the years by the finest military force in the world.
China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, and the American people are fully aware that the military strength has been systematically degraded by Obama for 6½ years, and believe that the National Security of the United States has been severely compromised by Obama’s hollowing out of the US Armed Forces, and by Obama’s willful intent to ignore the external military threats to the Republic.  At the same time, during those 6½ years, China, Russia, and Iran have been building modern conventional and nuclear military weapons systems——the US military has not be able to keep pace because of sequestration and being bogged down fighting al Qaeda,  the Taliban, and ISIL.  While ISIL expands, is prosecuting the genocide of Christian, and developing sleeper cells in all 50 states, Obama does very little (ISIL recently stated they now have 71 trained Radical Islamic Terrorists operating in the US).
Obama is keeping his promise, made to Russian Prime Minister in an overheard comment on an open mike prior to the 2012 election, when he said that his hands would not be tied after the election.  Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine after its successful the naked aggression and conquest of Crimea; that has all but been ignored by Obama and Ukraine’s request for major defensive weapons systems for over 2 years have fallen on deaf ears in Washington.   Russia announced it is shipping S-300 anti-air missiles to Iran to prevent Israel from striking its nuclear weapons development facilities; Obama’s only comment was that he is not surprised..  Russia is upgrading its Naval base in Cuba, while Obama removes Cuba from the US State Department’s list of state sponsored terrorist nations and recognizing Cuba while Cuba is supporting the terrorist activities of FARC and Venezuela in South America.
The Department of Homeland issued a bulletin to all police agencies in 2009, naming all military Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as potential terrorists.  At the same time Obama is allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to enter the US through the UN Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program while preventing intelligence analysts from checking their backgrounds for possible ties to ISIL and Al Qaeda Radical Islamic Terrorists.  At the same time, the Greek Catholic Relief Agency has stated over 300,000 Syrian and Assyrian Christian refugees are being prevented from entering the US.
Obama has imposed new and dangerous Rules Of Engagement (ROE) for the US Armed Forces executed by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, and retained by his replacement General Martin Dempsey.  Each year since 2008, when the new ROE took effect, 2049 more military personnel per year have been Wounded In Action, each year, for 5 years (a total of 10,245 more personnel have been wounded and/or maimed for life), an increase of 378%.  Each year since 2008 when the new and “dangerous” ROE took effect, 368 more military personnel have been Killed In Action, each year, for 5 years (a total of 1840 more personnel have been killed), an increase of 458%.
Obama has been launching attacks on the profound religious beliefs of Christians in the US Armed Forces in violation of the Freedom of Religion guaranteed to every American in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Chaplains are having their sermons and even places where they can pray censored to be sure they are Politically Correct.  Chaplains reading letters from Cardinals to their parishioners in the pulpit have been prevented from doing so.  Military personnel are prevented from having bibles in their work places.  Chaplains are being prevented from offering bibles to patients in military hospital rooms unless they specifically ask for them. Base commanders on military installations are prevented from allowing bibles to be placed in the base hotel rooms. The massive 6 ½  year assault on Christians in the US Military by the Obama Administration is outlined in the video that can be watched by clicking on this link from the Thomas More Law Center;  It is a dangerous and extreme anti-Christian program being driven by Obama himself against members of the US Armed Forces; Obama has not stopped this unprecedented assault.  What would President George Washington, President Lincoln, President Teddy Roosevelt, President Truman, President Kennedy, President Eisenhower, and President Reagan have to say about Obama’s shameful assault on “Freedom of Religion” in the US Armed Forces?
Open homosexuality in the US Armed Forces has been decreed by Obama in violation of General George Washington’s 238-year-old US Military Regulations.  Gay Rights Political Events are now held on US Military bases in violation of US Military Regulations which prevent any political activities on any military installation.  US Military Color guards and military personnel in uniform have been ordered to march in Gay Rights parades (a political event) in violation of US Military Regulations.  The civilian appointees of the Obama administration in the Pentagon, have been trying to cover up the fact that 10,400 straight military male enlisted personnel have been sexually assaulted by gay male military personnel in their barracks and on their ships—creating retention problems, and that thousands of straight female members in the military have been sexually assaulted by lesbian military personnel.
Poster in Officer’s Club, Vandenberg AFB, CA:
During the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections, the Obama administration, through Attorney General Eric Holder, actively encouraged State Secretaries of Democratically controlled states to disregard Federal Voting Laws that required the timely mailing out of absentee ballots to active duty military personnel so they can receive the ballots on time in order to return them on a date specific so they can be counted on election day.  As a result, hundreds of thousands of military votes have never been counted, denying members of the US Armed Forces their basic fundamental American right to vote.
Although the Veterans Administration is supposed to support the interests of military veterans, it has slowed down the process of allowing veterans to file claims for benefits to the point where veterans are waiting for months and even years to have their claims processed.  When veterans go to the VA, because of new regulations imposed by Obama, they are being asked if they own firearms, if they have ever been depressed, and if their spouses handle the family finances, which is against privacy laws. Then that information is being used to declare them mentally incompetent and deny them their Constitutional rights to own, purchase, or possess firearms in accordance with the 5th and 2nd Amendments to the US Constitution.  Eric Holder’s Justice Department has put them on a list of Americans who are prevented from owning firearms in violation of their 2nd Amendment rights.  Many Veterans cannot get help with their medical issues, and have to wait hours on the phone to get any response at all; an average of 23 Veterans are committing suicide each day.
The Army ROTC cadets at Arizona State University were recently humiliated by being forced to walk around on campus in full military uniforms wearing Red Pumps for an event called “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” to raise awareness of sexual violence against women on college campuses.  As reported by  The Washington Times, in 2014, the Army encouraged participation in the April 2015 event.  However: this year, the ROTC candidates  at ASU were faced with a volunteer event “that became mandatory.”  Or, they were “voluntold” they have to participate or be faced with discipline action. The Cadets were forced to walk around out of uniform (because they were not wearing military boots) in violation of Army Regulation AR670-1, entitled Wear and Appearance of Army Uniform and Insignia-–“A military member must wear his or her uniform in a way that projects an image of discipline and order and is prohibited from wearing a combination of civilian and military clothing.”
A twelve-month survey of internal data of personnel in the US Army from the period through early 2015 was obtained by “USA Today” showing startling negative findings of their very low morale. Included in the findings are the following:
  • More than half of some 770,000 soldiers (52% or 403,564 soldiers) are pessimistic about their future in the military, agreeing with statements such as “I rarely count on good things happening to me.”
  • 48% or about 370,000 soldiers are unhappy in their jobs, have little satisfaction in or commitment to their jobs, and would have chosen another if they had it to do over again. Only 28% felt good about what they do.
  • More than half reported poor nutrition and sleep. Only 14% said they are eating right and getting enough rest.
  • Two-thirds were borderline or worse for an area called “catastrophic thinking,” where poor scores mean the soldier has trouble adapting to change or dwells on the worst possible things happening.
  • Nearly 40% or about 300,000 soldiers didn’t trust their immediate supervisor or fellow soldiers in their unit or didn’t feel respected or valued. Only 32% felt good about bosses and peers.
General Martin Dempsey has been trying to push the US Marine Corps to lower standards for women in order to let them pass the Infantry Officer’s Course, regardless of how it will affect the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US Marine Corps.  If a lower standard for Infantry Officers is forced upon the US Marine Corps, it would result in weakening the infantry arm of the US Marine Corps needlessly, in order to comply with Obama’s “Political Correctness.”  Senator John McCain told Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, “General Dempsey is the most disappointing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that I have ever seen, and I have seen many of them.  He has supported the plan to completely withdraw from Afghanistan.  He’s basically been the echo chamber for the president, and one of the reasons why we are in the situation that we’re in, in the world today… because of his lack of either knowledge or candor about the situation in the Middle East, and it has done great damage.”
The real threat to the National Security interests of the United States and the American citizens is the internal threat, the occupant of Oval Office who has repeatedly said he doesn’t want the United States to be the only Superpower in the world..
Please watch this very important video, by clicking on the link, we strongly encourage you to read the below listed article in The Washington Times.
Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt              USN(Ret)
Former FBI/Former DHS Federal Law Enforcement Officer
Reagan Associate/Former member of President Ronald Reagan’s Administration
Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” -Isaiah 6:8

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