Friday, May 22, 2015


Dear Baltimore:

How does it feel, all that hope and change? All that blatant race baiting, all the broken promises. It's not a matter of money. That's been poured out in endless floods. It isn't Republicans. There aren't any in your city or state with positions of responsibilities. Haven't been for years if not decades.

No, this is the result of bad policy by your elected leaders. Democrats, Socialists and Communists all. No results and/or failure and you keep electing them back into office.

And now, charging the police for doing their job. Sweet. Stupid. The crime rate, sorry, the reported crime rate is sky rocketing. Law Enforcement is so afraid of being hung out to dry, they don't want to risk doing their jobs.

Worse, you've raised a generation of animals, expecting everything to be given to them. No consequence for their actions. And your leaders have promised.

Guess what. Check's due.

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