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and comments from the blogosphere:

Bill Ayers ( is a leftist radical communist who co-founded the weather underground organization (, which was responsible for such attacks as the 1970's bombing of the United States Capitol, the Pentagon, the Department of State, and attacks on police stations and court houses. Bill Ayers and his gang estimated that when the communists come to power, as much as 25 million Americans will have to be exterminated because they will not be able to be re-educated (brainwashed) into accepting communism ( Sounds looney doesn't it? Obama has very real connections to this murderer of law enforcement officials dating back 16 years ( Obama was also mentored by a man named Frank Marshal Davis (, a known communist investigated by congress. He cannot produce his birth certificate (I live in Hawaii, the Governor here cant find the original), everything about his background remains a mystery and he has ties to radical communist murderers. The scariest part about this man is he is your president!!! You know whats also scary, Bill Ayers and his terrorist friends are mostly professional educators at universities - like the one your son will go to someday. Bill Ayers also writes books for teachers on how to educate your children ( Scary eh? Communist indoctrination has to start somewhere why not in your child's public school that he currently attends. While we are on the subject of communist indoctrination check this video out: It is a seven part video by Yuri Bezmenov ( Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB defector who specialized in this exact thing. Watch the video and realize that this type of subversion does not go away. It gets handed down from generation to generation, the lies begin to take root and neither you nor I escaped this crap in our public education. Maybe that's why nobody in America knows their Constitution anymore eh?

Don't forget about Larry Sinclair who claims that Obama had a torrid gay love affair with him in 1999 while also abusing cocaine amongst other things? Frank Marshall Davis who admitted to having sex with children as well as being "bisexual" amongst other disgusting sexual deviancies! Obama's stated "father figure" and reputed biological father which the Obozobots dismiss as fantasy, but when you compare the Obama with Barack Sr. and Frank Marshall Davis, he looks most strikingly like "Uncle Frank" not Barack Sr., so who is Obama's REAL father? His mother has had more dark meat than Kim Kardashian? The only way to ascertain the truth is a DNA test, though I would bet money that we will never see that happen?! The work it must have taken to cover up Obama's background is absolutely astounding, when you start penetrating the veil of secrecy put up by his handlers? The wall is coming down, slowly but surely, as the truth about his background leaks out!
stupid moron. how about doing a couple of things" (1) look up the founder of planned parenthood. Once you find out the purpose of planned parenthood, then come back here and tell monorities and other "undesirables" why you support and organization that was created to eliminate them. (2) DEMOCRATS have NOT passed a budget in over a year moron.; and (3) Obama is partying and dancing today celebrating motown. I am sure he is has a "laser focus" on jobs right now. He is also "laser focused" on the 1.00 increase in gas per gallon since he got into office. the 30% increase in food costs since he took office. The 4.5 trillion dollar addition to the deficit since he took office. The meltdown of the middle east.

Must be nice to play golf, eat wagu beef, go on countless vacations and play basketball. It must be great to use the people's house for your parties as well. All the while, the rest of the country is suffering from a depression, loss of jobs, unemployment, oil prices spiking and severe uncertainties that grow each day. Must be nice OBlunder. We have watched you and listened to you. You have been found wanting in every department of leadership. You will be shown the to the door to your public housing we provided you when we boot you out in 2012. It cannot happen fast enough.
I am so sick of this. The endless vacations, parties, and golf outings, etc.. The president who voted present is absent, except when he can sign a bill that screws the rest of us!

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Marie Antoinette sure look like they are having fun in the WH, while the people at large try their best to make headway in a bad economy made worse by Obama's policies and sheer incompetence. I hope that Michelle isn't overdoing it--you know she just came back from skiing in Vail. I'm surprised her legs aren't tired.

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