Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Obama Refuses to Defend Marriage: Marxist Theology v. Natural Law
 By Kelly O'Connell Full Story
imageObama just announced he will not defend DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, designed to block gay marriage legalization. Barack stated the reason—because it is “unconstitutional.” But is it any coincidence Marxist doctrine teaches marriage is a subset of the state; whereas our Founder’s Natural Law only countenances heterosexual unions?
By stating he will not honor legally ratified Amendments of the Constitution, Obama openly rejects the rule of law. He has pushed the presidency from a defender of our laws into being its destroyer. The reason is that, despite any disagreement Barack has with particular pieces of legislation, he swore an oath to defend the whole Constitution. If he were to challenge this law in a law-abiding manner, this would at least respect our institutions. But to simply declare a particular law “illegal,” is certain to sow future chaos and an antinomian spirit into our Republic.

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