Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mr. Sharp speaks the truth to a point...but my goodness...what about the identity fraud? OBAMA IS A USURPER...A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE WHOSE MISSION IS TO DESTROY AMERICA.

Obama: The First Six Years
 By James Sharp Full Story
Obama: The First Six Years
Dear President Obama,
I do not know if you are astute enough to recognize it. But, when you were elected president in 2008, you were given an extraordinary opportunity that very few individuals throughout the course of human history had been given. As America’s first African-American president, you had the chance to be recognized as an exemplary leader of true vision, a statesman par excellence. Indeed, your name might have come to be associated with great historical leaders such as Lincoln (to whom you like to compare yourself), King, Churchill, Washington and others. Indeed, you could have been America’s “great uniter”.

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