Friday, December 19, 2014

The leading cause of death of black Americans age 15 to 34 is homicide, and in 93% of those cases, the black is killed by another black. Yet liberals who say they believe that black lives matter have worked for decades to make it harder to arrest and prosecute criminals, and they also object to incarcerating prisoners for extended periods. They are even working hard to reduce the number of blacks in prison by falsely claiming that blacks criminals are victims of racism.

Do Black Lives Really Matter to Liberals?

If black lives matter, and we all know they do, we need to work to end the unnecessary and early deaths of black people.  It’s not enough to look at one minor source of black mortality – shootings by law enforcement officers – and ignore the reasons for the vast majority of black deaths.

While hard numbers are not readily available, the best estimates available put the total number of people killed by the police across the country in any given year at significantly less than 1,000.  For example, the best estimate for 2011 shows that the police killed 607 individuals. 

According to the CDC, roughly 290,000 blacks die each year.  If we include blacks killed by abortion, the total becomes ~590,000.

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