Monday, December 29, 2014


House Speaker John Boehner
House Speaker John Boehner

WASHINGTON – He drinks a bit. That is well-chronicled.
The tabloids have splashed headlines about torrid affairs, including one with a lobbyist.
And, of course, he cries in public.
But is there more to the personal story of House Speaker John Boehner that would explain his funding of Obamacare and the president’s executive action providing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in his budget accommodation with Democrats?
Enter the ubiquitous Matt Drudge who tweeted Friday: “Obama got EVERYTHING. NSA dirt on Boehner must be incredible. Chicago wins.”
drudge-nsa-tweetMatt Drudge is not some blogger. He’s the man who told the world about the “blue dress” that ultimately got Bill Clinton impeached.
Earlier this year, Boehner hinted about retirement, saying: “Listen, I can’t predict what’s going to happen. I’m going to be 65 years old in November. I never thought I’d live to be 60 so I’m living on borrowed time.”
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Some members of his caucus predicted with near-certainty he would not seek to remain as speaker in 2015. In February he bought a condo in Florida, adding to the speculation about leaving office.
But Boehner doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon – not willingly anyway.
More to the point, why is Boehner enabling Obama after Republicans won more seats in the House and took control of the Senate?
Is it blackmail, as Drudge suggests?
Republican officeholders are especially vulnerable to moral lapses, while it seems to have little effect on Democrats unless, like Anthony Weiner, they become a political distraction and embarrassment.

Lisbeth Lyons
Lisbeth Lyons
In September 2010, the Huffington Post promised the New York Times was preparing a bombshell exposé on a reported Boehner affair with Lisbeth Lyons, the lobbyist for the American Printing Association.
“Insiders on Capitol Hill are buzzing about an upcoming New York Times exposé that will detail an alleged Boehner affair,” the HuffPost story said. “Sources say the Times is looking for the right time to drop the story in October to sway the election, similar to how the Times reported during the 2008 presidential campaign on an alleged John McCain affair that supposedly had taken place many years before and that was flatly denied by the woman in question.”
When a blogger asked Boehner about the story, he ignored it. Lyons, too, was tight-lipped, saying: “As you can imagine, I was stunned by such a question. I found it to be highly insulting, particularly as a female political professional, as well as unfounded. Beyond that, I have no further comment on the matter.”

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