Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Update on Obama's Photoshopped Fake Background History Pictures
Official Obama Pictures, with analysis

Originally Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2010  by capacommie
Premise:  ANY fakery in these official Camp-Obama-provided photographs means 100% faked. 
Why would Camp Obama fake photos of Obama's family and educational history?  Why, because
the story that has been fed to gullible Americans, is fake!  Exquisitely detailed analytics have been
done, but use your common sense too. 
The Fake African Family

BHO's head doesn't match his neck which has a notch in it.  A notched neck.  Right there, this picture is
FAKE.   This is an official Camp Obama picture, and the fact that they faked ONE thing on even ONE picture,
means that NONE of his pictures have any veracity.  But there's more...
2nd guy from right has 2 different sleeves or his right arm got shriveled
guy on far right has 2 different pant legs, 2 different shoes, plus
extra joint in his left forearm, 3" extra long ulna/radius, 2 skin tones for hands
Camp Obama often used hands on shoulders as patches, but they screw up hands badly
Shadows wrong
Center couple looks misplaced.

The Fake Grandparents-Dunham

Grandpa Duhnam has diverged arm, left hand is mutilated, used same deformity fingers as right hand-mishmash hand
bench tilted more than concrete fence behind it, not parallel
background wrong, BHO wearing wedding ring while ostensibly at columbia (pre michelle) they forgot to erase it
no big knotty groomed trees behind bench

this one is more like it....

Here is the bench along 5th Avenue, NYC, no tree

here, now there's a tree behind the bench, and lots of other abnormalities

here's the groomed trees, off to the side...see the knotty one? 

too dark lobster claw right deformed hand, picture put on top of projection, girl behind bho's hand is washed out but rest aren't, nobody looking at bho "on stage"
this appears to be the part of the punahau commencement where the girls are singing, which they do every year

The Fake Obama Senior with Leis Picture

bho sr's head stuck on someone else's using leis to sew on the neck, really laughable photoshopping

The Fake Group Photo

another macrocephalic photoshopping

The Fake Basketball Photo

look at his left hand which is photo-amputated
right hand with the magic-marker black streak
macrocephalic photoshopping

Close-Up Analysis of Photoshop Hand Deformities
Look at the hands and wrist. They are not natural. 
These show the shadow detail under Barack's neck. The first is a standard enlargement,
while the second shows pixelation. The red outlines show the questionable areas.

The Marie Antoinette Photoshop Plastic Surgery...

Close-Up of Hand and Wrist Deformities, Poor Blending

The Body-Snatcher Basketball Photoshop
floating white hand on shoulder
turtle-stuck on head on to body of poor #25--the other black guy

More Punahau Body-Snatcher Basketball Photoshops
So they stuck bho's cranium on to #25, or #21, and there wasn't a #23. 

The Real Punahau Shot

This was the real one...

Or was it this one?

The Fake Dunham Photoshop Picture

Macrocephalic stanley ann, with adult sized head,
Stanley in wrong uniform
Shadowing is incorrect

Fake Kansas Military Picture
Stanley wearing marine hat, marine belt, but he was in the Army,
Stanley has rows of beestings on his cheeks
Stanley and Madelyn stand straight, but the house is crooked.

The Fake Uncle Payne Obama Photoshop Picture
From AP:  BO has 1' arm and now microcephalic head (the headhunters got to him and shrunk his cranium!)

This is "uncle payne" (the guy sent in to mop up obama's claim about auschwitz).

More Fraud:  The 6" Hockey-Stick Scalp Scar With No Explanation on Medical Report

I have looked all over and there is no mention anywhere of where this 6", hockey-stick shaped scar came from.
Maybe he had his conscience surgically removed, or a teleprompter inserted.  "Complete medical disclosure, eh?"

The Fake Harvard Baton Photoshop Picture

Notice his "straight from the ground" arm. He must have some of Stretch Armstrong's DNA.

The camera recognizes the messiah in him and makes him crisper than anyone else in the photo.

Hand too dark/small.

Awfully-Bad Obama-in-Africa Photoshop Picture

Ummmmmm, no.  Just, no. Just, so, no.

Questionable Obama-Granny Shot from Kenya

Her arm looks disconnected, reconnected. 
Notice, in every Kenya shot he's wearing khakis and a red polo shirt?


  1. In your last photo at the bottom, notice his shoes. The tips. That is RED DIRT that sticks to everyone and everything. Look at granny's shoes, the tips both show dirt from walking but the tip of his left shoe has NO dirt on it AT ALL. Hut is casting a shadow from above to 12'oclock, as is granny but Obama's ONLY shadow is on his left shoulder at 4'oclock.

  2. Most of the government has to be in on this. They can't be that dumb.

  3. So where does Camp Obama post these faked photos?

  4. Last photo. Is it just me or does his left arm, the one resting on his grandmothers leg, seem larger then his right arm? To me it totally looks out of place. I can't believe that I've never noticed all of this before. Geez

  5. Barack Hussein Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Saebarkah) Perfectly Fits Former FBI Head, J. Edgar Hoover's Definiton of a Communist. He's a Teleprompter-Puppeted, Communist Rabble-Rousing Narcissist. Americans are His Enemy. See the Full Scoop on Commie Obama.

  6. In the bottom Kenyan grandma picture his legs between his pants and shoes are too dark for the rest of his body or is he wearing dark brown socks that are consistent with the color of his grandma's legs????

  7. Here us another one. Look down at Obama Sr.'s with young Obama at the Honolulu airport. Sr.'s left hand is long and out of proportion.

    Here is a further breakdown of what you have found with some additional analysis. The explanation of the Soetoro family on the bench - look at the halo vs. shadow explanation. You will laugh out loud.

  8. His left hand is absolutely freaky in that last pic. Way disproportionate. Definitely, imo, photoshopped.

  9. I am not either convinced or unconvinced.

    The only observation I would make is of the picture of Barack Obama on the park bench with his grand parents.

    I found your shifting of the grandmother next granddad very very interesting. However, that red coat that grandma was making might have cast a very slight red shade onto the person sitting next to her.

    The shot with Barack Obama in the middle does show a slight red cast against his dark leather coat, whereas the shot with grandma next to granddad does not really reveal any red shade hitting granddad's grey suit.

    I run Daily PUMA so I am definitely a Hillary Clinton supporter who thinks Barack Obama and his backers did many many unethical things in 2008. I just find the pictures and the analysis you provide interesting and I would probably have to view them several times to see which ones if any might have been doctored.

  10. Yes,America is definitely having an "ET TU" moment. cheers

  11. Just the picture from the Harvard Law that Viet Dinh (architect of teh patriot act) sitting on the left side of the picture? He was on the Harvard Law Review around the same time. Also...just wondering who else was on the Harvard Law Review those years Obama was there. just wondering what roles they are playing in the political scene today....again...just wondering....

  12. I suppose it would be entirely too rational to not start screaming fake just because an african american was elected as president. And by the way it looks like you photoshopped in slight differences to actual pictures and then claimed that made it a fake

  13. By the obama narrative he is not African American, he is Irish Arab.


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