Sunday, December 26, 2010

Media Dishonestly Trying to “Rehabilite” Obama

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What communist on the couch?
Intellectual dishonesty running rampant, the so called ‘media’ including the controlled opposition known as  FAUX news are beginning their rehabilitation of Obama by completely misrepresenting the results of the “lame duck” Congressional session.  The chief cheerleader is of course Obama, and according to Chronwatch:
Not one known for humility, he proclaimed the 2010 lame duck session “the most productive in decades,” and then concluded that his first two years in office were “the most productive two years we have had in generations.”
Since Obama’s ratings dived into the low 40′s after the a$$-kick he got in the midterm elections, lame stream media is back in cheer-leading mode using such recent headlines as “Obama Savors Major Victories,” “U.S. Economy Brightens,” and “Reasons for Optimism in 2011.” FAUX news must have been given the same orders as Greta Van Susteren referred to him as the “Comeback Kid” last week on her On the Record Show.
However, the real record of the lame duck session reveals that all of Obama’s top priorities for the year suffered major defeat, including:
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