Friday, December 31, 2010

Did you know that current Hawaii Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz who as Chair of the HDP in 2008 authorized Obama's name be placed on the ballot...actually taught in Kenya and went to school there?...What are the odds?

 Thanks to JBJD.ORG:

Governor Abercrombie’s recent pronouncements indicate to me, he believes no documents were available in the public record which could have provided a basis for the oath taken in 2008 by his Lieutenant Governor Brian Schatz, then Chair of the HI Democratic Party, to HI election officials guaranteeing then candidate Barack Obama was Constitutionally eligible for the office of POTUS, which sworn statement was required under HRS  §11-113 before these officials could authorize his name to be printed on HI state ballots.

What does arouse my suspicion in HI is the ‘coincidence’ that Mr. Schatz, Chair of the HDP, taught in Kenya and went to school there, in the early ’90′s…  What are the odds?

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