Friday, December 31, 2010

FBI Investigation Imminent? My Follow Up to WND

I am moved by the show of support I am finding.
Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

[UPDATE 2: I have been told that I should provide my real name in order to get answers from Mr. Kovacs, at WND, about this issue.
I am very sorry, folks...but, I am sure no one will blame me for having to draw the line at providing my real name to anyone, especially someone in the press. People are mean and cruel about this issue, and frankly, I don't feel very comfortable with giving out my real name at this point. I do hope people appreciate the work I've done thus far -- but, I don't wish to provide my real name. And, I don't see why it matters if I do.
The photographs speak for themselves. The evidence speaks for itself. The questions are there regardless of my real life identity.
Therefore, I hope it does not appear hypocritical that I ask if there is a person willing to help. I have talked to many of you online that appear to openly use your real names...
...Is anyone willing to ask for answers from Mr. Kovacs under your own real name?
And, I appreciate anyone in advance if they are willing and/or able to help. However, I do understand if a person would choose not to…MT]

[UPDATE: I have now heard back from both Mr. Farah and Mr. Kovacs, from WND, and must now eat my words on any criticism I implied about how quickly they responded to my request; although I do not yet have any answers to my questions to share with you. However, my communication with them just began. Please see the end of this post for my emailed response back to them.]
I have already sent a follow-up to WND because I find it curious that they are not more anxious to answer. After all, a crime has very likely been committed, according to the FBI and WND, themselves:
Dear Mr. Kovacs, ‘Letters’ Staff & ‘Corrections’ Staff-
I am surprised to have not heard from you yet on my amazing discovery and request for a correction because there’s zero doubt that We, the People, have been badly duped by someone concerning the President’s alleged letter to Kapi’olani Hospital. Therefore, I am sending you a clear visual aid which shows both of the close-ups in question (of the seal, and of the signature) placed on the image of the full view of the letter for comparison.
For this visual aid, I resized and skewed the ‘seal closeup’ to match the other seal in size, but did nothing to the color. Of course, one seal could never really be matched to the other because one seal is incised and one is not. One is from a cream fiber writing stock and one is from a smooth white stock. I have included this graphic, so that there is no confusion that a retraction is absolutely necessary, and quickly, as is an explanation from WND, the White House and Kapi’olani Hospital.
I understand you are aware from your own work on this issue that the FBI said they must investigate the matter at this point because this fraudulent letter was used by Kapi’olani Hospital for fund-raising purposes:
“Late yesterday, though, Peters finally responded to WND’s inquiry when the news site informed the hospital that the FBI and United States Secret Service said the matter could potentially lead to criminal prosecution were the letter determined to be fraudulent.
“It would be a charity fraud scheme,” said FBI spokesman Steve Kodak. “It would be investigated by us or the Secret Service. We both have jurisdiction over that.”
Peters says Kapi’olani actually has a reproduction of the “original letter” on display at the hospital.”

My Visual Aid:
For more information on paper, Google any paper mill/manufacturer and/or distributor online…or any office supply store. There you will find plenty of photographs of paper colors and close-ups of texture. Why? Because photographs serve as accurate visual references of the characteristics of a physical sheet of paper. In other words, don’t let anyone tell you a white, smooth sheet of paper with cool lighting could EVER be mistaken for a warm, cream colored, textured sheet of paper due to roughly a 3º camera angle change give or take a degree. The difference is visibly clear. The paper is just not a match. Not. Even. Close.
My readers are anxious for your statement, as am I.
Thank you again for your quick attention to this matter,
P.S. By the way, I am a 15 year veteran of print graphic design and have a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design and graduated magna cum laude and at the top of my class. I have 15 years of professional experience in dealing with print vendors, paper vendors, paper ordering and 15 years pre-press experience–including ordering embossed materials–and I have designed and ordered custom business letterhead too many times to mention. Six of those years I held the title of Creative Director. You can be certain my opinion is a professional opinion. Thank you again.
Dear Readers,
This cause requires you to play a part. Please help spread this info far and wide. You don’t even have to attribute it in any special way to me, just provide people a link so everyone can have the full information, links and images. This is too important, too criminal and it is too obvious to NOT put in their faces for answers.
I mean, talk about disrespecting the Office of the President… Someone is using bogus letters from the Office of the President and our White House for a fund-raising scheme. Geez.
Thanks! – MissTickly

[UPDATE cont. from above.....
After receiving two introductory/acknowledgment-type emails from WND, I replied with the following. I am posting it to keep everyone in the loop:]
“Thank you for the very quick responses, Mr. Kovacs and Mr. Farah. I prefer to remain anonymous, though–that has no relevance to the discrepancy I found.
First, let me clear this up, I expressed to WND, today that I was disappointed at the lack of their very immediate response. I felt I made it clear that I had set my sights very high in hoping for an immediate response from you and so any disappointment in your lack of response–in a single day, during the holidays–is clearly a reflection on my own anticipation. I made sure to state this upfront to you and at my blog.
Mr. Farah, I did not mean to put you on the defensive. I understand completely that no one would want to be accused of being responsible for perpetrating this brazen fraud on the public on purpose. But, it isn’t at all clear to me that WND is responsible for this fraud, and from reading Mr. Kovac’s article, it sounds like Kapi’olani Hospital took the photographs AND provided them to you.
I will make this insinuation perfectly clear on my blog when I report that I had quick responses from both of you today. Understand, too, I made a similar request for a retraction from that has gone completely unanswered for nearly a month–perhaps I projected that disappointment on WND without realizing it.
I want you to know that I have suspended personal judgment on who is to blame, despite the concern I am picking up from you. That’s why I took this to you guys, not Kapi’olani Hospital, for answers. I just want answers as to how a raised seal from a different colored and textured document was published on your website and captioned as if it was a close-up of the seal on the white letter to Kapi’olani Hospital that was photographed and featured with it?
This is a very serious matter.
Did Kapi’olani Hospital provide the photos you published? Did you publish them unedited?
Do you intend to correct the caption under the photo in question and get to the bottom of it with Kapio’lani Hospital and the White House, as well as with the FBI and Secret Service?
I only ask that you provide the answers as you have them…I would like to report on this find and it’s too important to suffer any feet dragging. Not that I believe you have dragged your feet. Certainly, you have been a leader and example in covering this issue.
Thank you,

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