Friday, December 31, 2010

Christine O'Donnell to be Investigated by FBI as They Evade the 'Obama Eligibility Issue'. Is it Time for Christine to GO BIRTHER?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Get used to tactics like this, because the Tea Party is the enemy of both not be fooled. I also find it interesting that this is taking place in the home state of Joseph "Stalin" Biden. I wonder if that has anything to do with this?

This is what happens under a communist regime. The members of "the party" walk around untouchable as their enemies get thrown into prison. This is tyranny at it's best and the Republicans will not even lift a finger to help this woman, because she is Tea Party.

My advice to Christine O' Donnell is "it is time to GO BIRTHER" and call out the hypocrisy of the Justice Department, the Republicans and Democrats for their cover up for this Kenyan fraud in the White House. How does a Kenyan become President? I thought you have to be a natural born citizen? Okay, Obama's communist mother was an anti-American. That is right, I forgot...

Christine O' Donnell? Do you hear me? This is your time to shine dear. Open your mouth and shake the very foundation of the corrupt bastards that want to persecute you. Where is the FBI investigation into John McCain when he swept a Senate hearing for Obama's eligibility under the rug KNOWING full well that there were pending lawsuits against Obama to release his records?

Start screaming birther my dear and scream it loud and proud. You will see the vermin scatter like the roaches that they are, because they fear this issue.

Have the guts to do what Glenn Beck and the rest failed to do. That idiot Beck is still talking about the founding fathers and Woodrow Wilson as the country is about to sink thanks to his assistance in squashing the eligibility issue. He is out of touch and so are the fools still watching him.

Any attractive conservative woman is seen as a threat to the left wing vermin, because they fear that they will lose the woman's vote.    

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