Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Trump Was Created Out of Obama Arrogance

By David Limbaugh   |   
We can acknowledge that Donald Trump's popularity is partially related to his unapologetic defense of himself and his policies, but let's examine why that is particularly appealing to his supporters and others.

How did we get to this point? Grass-roots conservatives believe that their policies can make America great again, that they can make Americans more secure and prosperous.

Many of them still believe in traditional values, which are now in disrepute. They are appalled at the systematic assault on their ideas in our public schools, our universities, the media and Hollywood.

They are horrified by the attacks on their liberties. But they have not surrendered. They see America disintegrating rapidly and little being done to stop it.

They detect no sense of urgency from their elected representatives, and they wonder whether they are living in an alternate universe.

It's true that the Republicans don't control the executive branch, but that's no excuse for always caving and giving sissified overtures of bipartisanship to an implacable bully president.

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