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Is Megyn Kelly dumb or intellectually dishonest?

Posted on | August 26, 2015 |
Is Megyn Kelly dumb or intellectually dishonest?
By Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
Yesterday on her show Megyn Kelly made several points, which made me wonder: is she dumb or intellectually dishonest.
Fist, she criticized Trump for kicking belligerent Jorge Ramos from his press conference and excluding foul Des Moines Register from his press conferences. Kelly compared Trump’s actions to Obama’s actions in attempting to exclude FOX from his presidential press conferences.
Really? Is she that stupid and does not know the difference? Obama acted as a sitting US president, government official paid by us, the tax payers, and attempted to exclude a major network. The public and the citizens were correct in standing up for FOX.
Trump is not a president yet, he is not a public official. He is conducting a private event, paid by his campaign, and he does a press conference before the event. He has a full right to exclude anyone from his private event, particularly  a belligerent reporter who speaks without being called upon and refuses to sit down when told not to speak out of turn.
Further, Ramos is not even a legitimate reporter. He is acting as a biased advocate for open borders. His daughter works for Clinton campaign.  A bona fide reporter asks questions, Ramos on the other hand, makes defamatory and malicious statements and stages attacks on Trump by calling Trump “the face of evil in America,”  he states that there is no such thing as illegal alien, that every person is legal.  Ramos’s statements are so idiotic that even Chris Cuomo from CNN took Ramos to task.     Today, on his show, Cuomo stated to Ramos: “Jorge, how can you state that there is  no such thing as illegal? When people cross the border illegally, they are illegal here.” Even a liberal like Cuomo cannot take Ramos’s idiocy any further.
However, going back to Kelly, after making this bizarre comparison to Obama, she continued making flagrantly fraudulent and misleading statements. She went on interviewing Chris Christy and stated that the 14th amendment states that if a person is born in the US, he is a US citizen. Kelly is a lawyer, she know that this is not what it says. It says: “being born and subject to the US jurisdiction”. Senators Lyman Trumbell and Jacob Howard, who wrote the 14th amendment, stated that this does not include foreign nationals and aliens.  Leading constitutional scholar, former dean of Chapman university law school, John Eastman stated that children of illegal aliens inherit the citizenship of their parents and are not subject to the US jurisdiction. So, Kelly intentionally misstated the language of the 14th amendment in order to mislead the public. She can be sanctioned by the NY bar for this. This is clearly an unethical conduct.
So, my question is: is Megyn Kelly dumb or is she intellectually dishonest? What do you think?
Further, I would like to weigh in on the question O’Reilly and Kelly asked both Trump and Cruz: will you deport US born children when you deport their illegal alien parents?
Here  is my answer.
First of all, children of illegal alien parents inherit the citizenship of their parents.
Second of all, I would not forcefully deport children of illegals, who already obtained the US citizenship under the current interpretation of the 14th amendment, however I would give their parents two choices:
First choice: We are not deporting your children, however you need to decide whether you want to abandon your children in the US, while you are being deported to your country of origin. If you abandon them here, we will find an American family to adopt them, however that will take away your right to apply for a relative visa and green card when your children turn 21.
Second choice: you can take your children to your country of origin, raise them there, pay for all of their needs and when they reach 21, they can come here, work, pay taxes, support themselves and apply for relative visas and green card for you, as parents.
I assure you that majority of illegal aliens will choose option B.
This policy will save us, law abiding, hard working US citizens, billions of dollars. Currently, 71% of illegal aliens with children receive welfare. Under this policy, we will save billions, as we will not have to pay for education, health care, housing and other social needs of millions of children of impoverished illegal aliens.
What do you think?

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