Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In 2008 the Obama Campaign took in at least $450 million from Muslim nations—which, the last time I looked, were not part of the 50 united States (even though, the Muslim nations are part of Obama's "57 states.")

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 
Clinton charity will continue to take money
from six foreign countries which suggests
those donations will fuel her campaign.
Why? Because they're friendly nations so
Hillary thinks you won't mind they're illegal.

Federal law prohibits anyone running for federal office from accepting contributions from foreign citizens and/or foreign governments. 
It was a precedent started by Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, Jr. in 1988. Due to an investigation originally launched by Washington lawyer Larry Klayman, then the president of Judicial Watch, on the Clintons and Vice President Al Gore, Jr., received sworn testimony from a former bus boy, Johnny Chung, who carried thousands of dollars of illegal money to the Clintons, implicating several Chinese nationals connected either to the government of the People's Republic of China or the intelligence arm of the People's Liberation Army: Maria HsiaJohn HuangCharlie Trie and Johnny Chung, which caused the formation of the House Cox Committee on June 18, 1998. The findings of the Cox Committee was published in the Cox Report(named after House Select Chairman Christopher Cox [R-CA] after the content was declassified in 1999.v\
The Cox Committee investigation which began on June 18, 1998, proved the Clinton Administration illegally received and laundered money from China through the Democratic National Committee. Ultimately, the DNC had to pay it back, pretending they didn't know the origin of the funds. Barack Obama was the first crook to perfect using social media to funnel illegal donations to a candidate, and while everyone in government and the leftwing media knew what was happening, the Democrats who controlled both Houses of Congress and the den of thieves in the Executive Branch, simply ignored it.
In 2008 the Obama Campaign took in at least $450 million from Muslim nations—which, the last time I looked, were not part of the 50 united States (even though, the Muslim nations are part of Obama's "57 states.") Obama's FEC records were replete with small social media donations from clearly bogus donors in 2008. The website through which thousands of minuscule donations were made to the Obama Campaign which came from "donors" with names like Donald DuckElmer FuddMickey Mouse,Dagwood Bumstead and even names that were simply random letters like "Zfrenfq Bcoxzsbs." The Seattle Times reported one donor on a December, 2007 donor list who gave a $764 contribution was named "Test Person," from "Some Place, UT." Another donor was named Jockim Alberton who lives at 1581 Leroy Avenue in Wilmington, DE. He donated $445 to Obama. The problem? There is no Leroy Avenue in Wilmington. Nor, for that matter is there a Jockim Alberton who works for "Fdsa Fdsa." In the one list the Seattle Times checked, over 3,000 names were phony. For some unexplained reason, the Seattle Times decided to believe the donors were real people making real donations who, for some reason, simply did not want their identities revealed.
CBS News reported on Oct. 8, 2008 that the names of the latest Obama donors looked "...like they were written by a mouse running across a keyboard." They were simply random letters that very tired, very bored clerks would keystroke because they simply didn't know any more real names to enter without re-entering names already entered. Two of the donors CBS tried to trace, Dahsudhdu Hdusahfd of Dhff, Hawaii and Uadhshgu Hduadh from Dhff, Florida both purported to work forDasada/safasf. Dasada/safasf must be one of those new Fortune 500 companies since it appears to have offices from Florida to Hawaii. Hdusahfd and Hduadh seemed to have each donated more than is allowed by law. Hduadh theoretically gave $14,200.Hdusahfd gave $7,500.00. The law allows citizen donors to give $4,200 between the primary race and the general election. When these names were revealed by CBS, the Obama Campaign said that "...out of an abundance of caution," all of the random letter named donations were returned (as other donations from people like John and Mary Smith replaced them).

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