Monday, August 3, 2015

The entire list of power grabs by this administration are beyond constitutional authority. No place in the United States Constitution is the President of the United States granted the authority to act legislatively without Congress (a Congress Obama calls “broken” when they don’t jump to rubber stamp his demands), and there is no place in the Constitution that grants the authority to the federal government, itself, over any of these issues I’ve mentioned. Internal issues belong to the States. It is up to each State, if they desire to do so, to handle the issues that occur within their State boundaries. The federal government was established to handle things like common defense, and trade with other nations; and even then, the federal government is supposed to get the okay of the people through Congressional approval and ratification (prior to the progressive era 17th Amendment the States had say in all of this, too).

Obama's Energy Power Grab
 By Douglas V. Gibbs Full Story

The expansion of the federal government, and more specifically the expansion of the executive branch, has been the daunting storyline of the Barack Obama administration, be it taking control of the auto industry; inserting heavy federal regulations on the banking and credit industries; hijacking the health care industry with Obamacare (and modifying the law through executive orders when legislative authorities belongs to Congress); gun control measures; seizing control of the internet through an expansive reach of the FCC; declaring its own definition of marriage through a Supreme Court judicial ruling; calling a treaty with Iran an "agreement" to avoid the constitutional mandate of Senatorial ratification; disregarding immigration law and then using executive fiat to create new amnesty-style laws; providing waivers so that the friends of the Democrats can be exempt from various laws; rewriting the Service Contract Act of 1965; or unilateral military decisions after accusing Bush of not having the constitutional authority to do so. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) has argued that the worst is yet to come. "These are not lawful actions. These are the power-hungry actions of a president who refuses to work with Congress."

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