Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's real simple Glenn. Are YOU too dumb to know better? Granted Trump is an arrogant, bombastic ass but he is the best we have out there...and that includes you who refer to the Constitutionalists (aka Birthers) as morons. The establishment politicians and the media continue to treat the average citizen (they are voters I might add) as ignorant sheep. Sorry Glenn we have had enough. We want our country back and we want someone - warts and all - who will speak the truth and do something about upholding the Constitution and saving America. We are up to here with the promises and lies. That definitely includes you too Glenn. So there...until we get someone who is purer and more diplomatic than Trump...he's our guy. Much better than the other phonies.

Glenn Beck Suggests Trump Supporters Too Dumb to Know Better

The day after presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his candidacy, radio personality Glenn Beck slammed the billionaire calling him "the biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine."  Nearly two months later, with Trump still leading in the polls, Beck is scratching his head wondering how stupid smart people can be.
In a Facebook post on Thursday Beck asks how Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage can support a man who only goes to church on Christmas and Easter, who's gone bankrupt four times and who is "generally not a likeable guy."  

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