Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Why a rock-ribbed conservative like me supports Donald Trump 100%

By Joan Swirsky

I'm watching the fierce South Carolina primary contest among the six remaining candidates for POTUS and a few things strike me as astounding.

The first is that all the seasoned politicians on stage – Governors Bush and Kasich, Senators Cruz and Rubio – have been relegated to straggler status by the non-politician in the race, billionaire businessman Donald Trump. (Dr. Ben Carson, the other non-politician, is hanging in there but not lighting any fires).

Second is that only Mr. Trump is raising the biggest issues facing our country, among them:
  • Closing our borders, which are being flooded with un-vetted illegal aliens who number, by now, into the millions
  • Bringing both corporations and jobs back to America
  • Fixing our Mt. Kilimanjaro of debt and Mt. Everest of unemployment
  • Strengthening our military
Third is that he is challenging our longtime and ridiculous policy of military intervention for the purpose of nation-building in exchange for...nothing! Why haven't we taken our enemy's oil or exacted other prices for the blood we've spilled and the honor we've spent?

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