Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obama Banishes Jesus But Puts Allah On Full Display During Speech

Another odd moment for Barack Obama, a man who has shrugged off repeated suggestions over the years that he is at the very least, a strong sympathizer of the Muslim faith while having at best tepid regard for Christianity.
A picture, as is said, is worth a thousand words…

The above photo is Barack Obama giving a speech at Georgetown University in April of 2009. The Catholic university indicated to various media that the White House specifically requested a statue of Jesus Christ and other Christian symbols that were part of the staged backdrop be hidden from view during the President’s speech.

The university complied with that request.
Now fast-forward to this week and the President’s much publicized visit to an American Mosque:

Directly behind the President is the Arabic word for “Allah” on full display. Apparently no request to cover the Islamic symbols was made by the Obama White House. In fact, the White House is said to have specifically coordinated with the the Mosque to include MORE such symbols, including copies of the Quran for all visitors who attended the speech:
It would appear Mr. Obama deems Christianity worthy of being covered up and hidden away while Islam to be prominently put on display and exalted.

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