Saturday, February 13, 2016

Trump Standing

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is noteworthy when a Harvard legal mind, graduating not at the top of his class, but being a bully who liked stalking coeds, dressed as a woman, with a now messiah complex, that Ted Cruz has never dealt with an American like Donald Trump.

To redress this, TL mentions once in awhile, the smart remarks which Birther Hussein Obama inflicted on Donald Trump in a "roast" awhile back, and the people could see Mr. Trump thinking, "I will get you for this", and now unwittingly Ted Cruz has begun the process.

Today, Mr. Trump warned Rafael Ted Cruz, if Cruz did not stop his lying attack ads, that Mr. Trump WITH STANDING, will file court papers for a Judge to rule on the evidence that Ted Cruz is not an American. That matter has already been proven as Cruz admits he was never naturalized, and according to Canadian Law, Cruz could not even be dual citizenship.

So let us now progress this out, as the Lame Cherry alerted all of you to. The entire election theft of Obama was covered by "standing" in the Courts threw out all cases on the issue of standing. Well, Mr. Trump has standing to challenge Ted Cruz, and when Ted Cruz is booted out of the GOP primaries, and America for being an illegal, there is the next step that President Donald Trump, will have standing to direct the Justice Department to file against the legitimacy of the Obama occupancy of 1600 Penn Avenue.
As I have stated, in one hearing, a Judge can nullify everything Obama, and Mr. Trump will not have to undo one thing legislatively, and toss this all back to criminal courts who will then decide about what Barack Obama knew and how he covered up his crimes.

The legacy of Barack Obama now rests in the idiocy of his Harvard equal in Ted Cruz. Mr. Cruz is not very intelligent to get into a fight with an American, while Cruz is an Obama without a country.

One can rest assured that when Donald Trump says he is going to protect America for Americans, he is not going to allow some Havana bred bully do to the GOP what Obama did the DNC.

Let us just see how this plays out in Christian American South. The foreign liar Ted Cruz attacking Donald Trump the American, who just brought up STANDING. I would believe that Ted Cruz just lost 10 points in the polling and is in Jeb Bush bottom scum numbers.

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