Thursday, February 4, 2016

Commentary By:
TPATH Editor
Dwight Kehoe
February 4, 2016 ~TPATH~ We have been saying from the moment Obama made his hatred for this country evident, that there could only be two reasons that any American, regardless of political party, could support him. One evident reason would be lack of paying attention. The other, akin to the Usurper, abhorrence for America.
It had been difficult for patriots to believe, up until just these last few years, there were more than just a few nutcases who despised this great country. Those few who, in the past, reared their malfunctioning brains, quite honestly never seemed important enough to matter or for real Americans to be concerned with them.
While that naiveté was walking us through life, working, supporting and raising our families, we were buffered from the evil which was festering in a cauldron of political correctness and socialism, while nurturing the sins of envy and selfishness. The infection was being injected into school curriculums and every aspect of our children’s lives.
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