Saturday, September 25, 2010

By Betty Freauf
September 25, 2010
Right now the two party system – especially the Republicans- are in a state of panic because independent Tea Party folks are becoming so successful in America with their only agenda of smaller government and fiscal responsibility.
We, the people, have finally discovered the political party rivalry is merely superficial and meant to keep us busy fighting each otherthe politics of distraction. When a third party candidate manages to get on the ballot, the two major political parties immediately begin lecturing voters who would dare support principle over party that their vote would be wasted and the lies are repeated every election but is a vote wasted when people vote their conscience?
Now that the people are becoming educated, my next fear is election fraud and what about all that stimulus money that Barack Obama has stashed away. Will the Black Panthers be at the election precincts with their clubs in hands trying to intimidate voters? They got away with it once. The Barack Administration’s appointed judicial department did nothing about it.
Democrats, who once excelled at voting absentee for Chicago’s dead and a community from which Barack Obama has his roots and his community activism may be suffering “battered party syndrome” at this time but don’t count them out. Electronic voting is easily manipulated.
... The Democrats and Republicans have betrayed us. They have abandoned the ideas and principles upon which our country was founded and sought instead the lure of money and power. Let’s be honest. Ordinary men in the past couldn’t become extraordinary because the two-party system accomplices, the media, keeps them out. The two party system in this country has been a sham and a hoax and as a result, many people simply stay home on Election Day but this election cycle, it appears as though they are being rejuvenated.
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