Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bounce Barbara Boxer - Barbie's Bad Week

By Proof

That hand you feel on your wallet? It's hers.

Jim Geraghty over at The Campaign Spot ran a series of article on Barbara Bouncer (Boxer). Here's a taste...

So far this week, we have examined Senator Barbara Boxer’s purchasing of endorsements, the five-figure expenses tied to her jaunts to do “official business” at beach resorts, her 143 bounced checks for more than $40,000 in three years, and massive payments to her family from campaign funds. (Notice that you don’t need to be a conservative Republican to find any of these issues troubling.)

Today, we examine the possibility that Boxer is… not really in touch with what is going on around her.

There's a word for that..."Liberal".

Even those who agree with her stances acknowledge she is not an effective leader...

It may be tough to lead when you have a habit of making assertions that don’t line up with… well, all known facts and the perspectives of roughly everyone else on the planet.

She’s argued that “I’m going to put in the record … a host of quotes from our national security experts who tell us that carbon pollution leading to climate change will be over the next 20 years the leading cause of conflict, putting our troops in harm’s way.” More than religious and ideological extremism? More than ethnic conflict? More than the profits and power from drug cartels or people smuggling? More than the age-old phenomenon of strong nations attempting to subjugate weak ones, like Russia’s annexation of Georgian territories?

We see a lot of that from some of the left-of-center trolls on this site. They provide cut and paste quotes in lieu of coherent argument.

Back in early 1992, Washington was rocked by the revelation that the House of Representatives was allowing members to overdraw their House checking accounts without penalty, leaving debts unpaid for months at a time. Then-congresswoman Barbara Boxer insisted for months that she’d had no problems with her account at the House bank. Then she admitted she had bounced 87 checks and did not know the amount. Bank records ultimately showed she bounced 143 checks worth $41,417. Boxer insisted she had no idea that she had bounced checks and only learned of the matter when she read about it in the press

Oh, yeah! People who manage money well could have easily written 143 bad checks without knowing about it! /sarcasm

Barbara Bouncer is the product of an earlier time, when the country was prosperous enough to overlook the profligacy (and ignorance) of its "ruling class". Congress could p*ss away large sums of money or fund wasteful, useless projects and the Engine of Democracy and Freedom would drag them in its wake.

Amateur hour is over. The Democrat Party under the "leadership" of Barack Obama has taken an economy that was heading for a ditch and hit the accelerator.

Time to remedy that, starting November 2nd. I can see November from here!

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