Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remind Me Again, Who's The Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist In The Room?

Chris Matthews of MSNBC likes to throw around labels. Conspiracy labels in particular. Matthews must be a charter member of JournoList. Call'em racists, call'em Tea Baggers, call'em Conspiracy Theorists. Alinsky style mud slinging.

If we cared to investigate I would wager the 911 truther movement is a leftist founded Bush discrediting Alinsky modeled action.

Those who question Obama's eligibility, are label"birthers" and conspiracy racists.
Anytime someone speaks out in opposition, they get an anti Obama label. Lt Col Lakin has even had his sanity questioned by these name calling hypocritical liars.

Someone refresh my memory, exactly which side was it that conspired to bilk the world out of it's wealth, using the Global Warming hoax? Which side has conspired to plant a usurper in the oval office?

Matthews now accuses US business of a new conspiracy. According to Matthews Wall Street is collusively hoarding cash instead of turning on the economy saving money spigot. Matthews didn't stray from his pet word, because the useful idiots wouldn't understand the meaning of a new 9 letter word. Matthews' pot soaked no brain audience has barely managed to rote learn the word "conspiracy" means a bad thing; to weigh them down further at this late date would be expecting too much of the low lifes.


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