Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 More Out of 5 Then the Senate Gets Flipped

These are the critically key senate races 33 days from the general election- Washington, California, Nevada, Delaware, and Connecticut.

Based on the latest projections from not in the tank surveys, the count is looking like 46 Dems and 49 Repubs with the above 5 in play.

In order to take the majority 2 more seats have to veer right. Washington has Rossi in the lead, and Angle is neck and neck with Reid. Fiorina or McMahon look to be the next best hope if either Rossi or Angle lose. O'Donnell and the First Staters could surprise us all, but if you are looking for the senate race needing your help, these are the ones. If you can, send them some money. They all have election websites online for donations.


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