Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Senate Conservatives Fund
Dear Friends:

This is the last week the Senate is in session before recessing for the November elections, and the Democrats are hoping to ram a mountain of legislation through the Senate with no debate and no votes. Yesterday, I announced that I will stop them. You can read more about this in the Politico report entitled, "Jim DeMint Vows Roadblock."

The practice of passing secret bills by "unanimous consent" has grown out of control in recent years. Rather than scheduling time to debate and amend measures, Harry Reid waits until the last minute and then demands that a stack of bills be passed without debate. If anyone objects to his demands, he calls them an obstructionist and tries to publicly embarrass them into submission.

You may remember earlier this year when he tried to do this to Senator Jim Bunning from Kentucky. Bunning wanted the next unemployment insurance extension to be paid for (not an unreasonable request) but Reid thought he could get his way if he staged a showdown that made it look like Bunning was blocking emergency release for unemployed workers.

Now Reid is at it again. With just a few days left before the Senate adjourns, he's preparing to force a number of bills through at the last minute. But I'm not going to play along and I don't care if he or if anyone attacks me.
In fact, my staff has notified every office in the Senate that if they don't disclose their last-minute bills by the close of business today, I will object to their passage.

Americans are tired of watching Congress pass bills without ever reading them, debating them, or even voting on them. Democrats complain all the time about obstructionism, but Americans aren't upset about Congress doing too little. They're mad that Congress is doing too much without any concern for the consequences.
SCF CandidatesAccording to a new report by the Congressional Research Service, over 90 percent of all legislation passed by the Senate is done without a vote. Many of these bills are non-controversial measures to rename post offices, but many contain substantial policy changes that carry big price tags.

It's time to stop knee-jerk policy-making and start carefully reviewing legislation to ensure it's constitutional and supports the principles of freedom that are the backbone of this great country.

I'm sure Harry Reid and his liberal allies will scream "obstruction!" as I force them to be transparent with the American people, but someone needs to stand up to this nonsense. The American people did not elect us to look the other way while Harry Reid bankrupts our country with bills that neither he nor anyone else has even read.

If you agree that senators should not be allowed to rush dozens of bills through at the last minute before Congress adjourns and if you want more senators in Washington to stand up this destructive process, then please support the Senate Conservatives Fund and our group of principled candidates.

Unlike the establishment in Washington, these new leaders have the backbone to fight for our principles. They have the courage to stand up to the big spenders in both political parties and will help us put an end to secret bills in Congress.

There are just five weeks left until election day and the Senate Conservatives Fund is pulling out all the stops to raise another $2 million. Our plan will help raise additional support for these candidates and to run hard-hitting television ads to defeat their liberal opponents. Here are the 10 conservative patriots we're working overtime to push across the finish line:

  • Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania
  • Marco Rubio in Florida
  • Ken Buck in Colorado
  • Rand Paul in Kentucky
  • Mike Lee in Utah
  • Sharron Angle in Nevada
  • Ron Johnson in Wisconsin
  • Dino Rossi in Washington
  • Joe Miller in Alaska
  • Christine O'Donnell in Delaware
Thanks to your support, we were able to help these candidates win tough primary elections against their establishment-backed opponents. Now we need to finish the job and help them win on November 2nd.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. The establishment is very threatened by what you've accomplished so far this year. Let's keep fighting until the very end to make sure this is an earthquake election that ends business as usual in Washington.


Jim DeMint Signature
Jim DeMint
United States SenatorChairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

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