Friday, September 24, 2010

THE MURKOWSKI THREE: “We all respect the system, and she still is a Republican senator’’

Tea Party Voters? Take note


The Murkowski Three decided to reward voter decided lame-duck Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (RINO: ALASKA) write-in campaign against We the People Of Alaska’s Republican Primary choice of  Joe Miller over Senator Lisa Murkowski as their Senator. Was the primary a fair fight? Yes.
These three GOP Establishment Republican Senators decided to override the GOP Senate proposal to instruct Murkowski to step down from the Energy Committee for reasons of treasonous party behavior by running against the GOP Senate Candidate Joe Miller. Had the proposal gone forward as an ultimatum to cease and desist an opposing Murkowski campaign against Joe Miller, Murkowski herself would make the final decision: Cease Campaigning Against Miller -or- Step Down from the Energy Committee.
This is a GOP Establishment Slap In The Face
of Alaskan GOP Voters
The 2012 GOP Primaries for Senate seats in Utah, Texas, and Tennessee will be another lesson for these GOP Establishment ‘progressive-enablers’ who don’t take Tea Party Voters seriously

But they will…
The Wall Street Journal:

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