Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ARE YOU GOING FOR THE MEGA MILLIONS TODAY?...OR ARE YOU GOING TO INVEST IN SAVING YOUR COUNTRY?...Won't you PLEASE HELP?...A $10 DONATION FROM EVERYONE WHO VISITS THIS SITE WILL HELP ARTICLE II SUPER PAC RETAIN CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER, DR. HERB TITUS, a key to developing A2’s political/campaign strategy for the general election by first looking at the Electoral College rules/codes in all 50 states.


$356 million lottery drawing is Tuesday
You've got to ask yourself: Do I feel lucky. Well, do ya?
The third-largest jackpot in history of the Mega Millions lottery game will be on the line Tuesday when the payout is estimated at $356 million. The cash option is $255.1 million. And then there are taxes. So is it still worth it?

Mega Millions Odds? Check it out for yourself:

Jackpot probability/odds (Payout varies)
The number of ways the first 5 numbers on your lottery ticket can match the 5 White numbers is COMBIN(5,5) = 1. The number of ways your final number can match the Mega number is: COMBIN(1,1) = 1. The product of these is the number of ways you can win the Jackpot:  COMBIN(5,5) x COMBIN(1,1) = 1. The probability of success is thus: 1/175,711,536 = 0.00000000569114597006. If you express this as “One chance in ???”, you just divide “1” by the 0.00000000569114597006, which yields “One chance in 175,711,536”.

If the only thing you are interested in is the probability (odds) of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot, the Mega Millions Lottery gives a concise table at their web site. To show you how these odds are calculated, then visit here:

So as you can see the odds of YOU winning the jackpot are beyond infinitesimal .

So what’s this got to do with the Article II Super Pac?

You won't be able to live like this:

...if you don't have this:

This is where we are headed under the anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-life, anti-constitutionalist, fraudulent AKA Obama administration:

Article II Super Pac has accomplished much since we hit the ground running in early December. Thanks to the generosity of patriots such as yourself we have raised funds to help publicize the ballot fraud in New Hampshire, we have live-streamed the eligibility hearing in Georgia as well as the Sheriff Arpaio press conference for WND on March 1.

With the Article II Legal Defense Fund we have channeled financial resources to assist ballot challenges in Georgia, Florida, California and in Pennsylvania. However, there is still much to be done and of course it requires time, energy and money.


A key to developing A2’s political/campaign strategy for the general election is by first looking at the Electoral College rules/codes in all 50 states. Why?

In the general election we are casting our votes for citizens from our respective states to serve in the Electoral College. 538 members are elected in total.

It is this body, 538 electors, who then casts their respective vote either for the individual who won the majority or who still has independence to cast their votes for  whomever. 

Soros has been pouring money into states, especially blue ones, to change their Electoral College election code to legally tie the hands of those elected to vote for the nominee who won the majority of votes cast.

However, there are plenty of states that have not passed such code.

A2 knows this but we don’t know what all of those specific states are and we don’t know where we can apply pressure or sway the elector.

As well, A2 may need to field our own Electoral College members in the general, but we cannot do this if we don’t do a 50 state survey of the current code for individual states Electoral College members.

We need a reputable constitutional law firm to identify those states which we will then target our resources to influence by either running our electoral members or influence those who have the freedom to cast their vote for whichever political nominee.
The Electoral College is what the voting public is casting their vote for in the general election.
The individual state electors who are elected to vote in the Electoral College therefore becomes a key player in stopping any constitutional candidate from winning the votes of the college.
A2 has known that the way to stop electors from voting for an unconstitutionally qualified candidate will happen at the Electoral College level.

Renowned, constitutional law lawyer and scholar Dr. Herb Titus has agreed to come on board and assist Article II Super Pac! Dr. Titus has spoken out about the eligibility issue, specifically the meaning of Natural Born Citizen and he and the  J. Olson law firm are uniquely situated to research the 50 states election code AND provide legal counsel as to how we must proceed.

You can also see a short video of Dr. Herb Titus on the home page.

A2 knows we must engage during the general but we don’t know where we need to apply said resources.
Therefore, we need to engage Titus now so as to develop our strategy for the general.
If A2 does not succeed in being able to first research and then devise a solid strategy, we will once again be in reaction mode. That is, hoping we can effect a solid outcome.
We can’t afford to do this. We must get ahead of the curve, stake out our territory, work it hard and then make certain we have seats at the Electoral College table.

This has never been done before. We most hold the electors accountable and ensure that a constitutionally qualified president is elected in November!

Dr. Titus has agreed to do the work for a $10,000 retainer. We still need to raise an additional $2,800 in the next week. Will you help with this latest effort to ensure that Obama does not maintain his illegal power grab?

We have much work to do to get the “ground troops” organized, mobilized and onto the front lines. Article II Super PAC is building a team of constitutional and political strategists to assist in formulating our spring/summer/fall field and communications plan and we need every single one of you on board.

We also need you to reach out and ask for help from all of your friends, families, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances.

Remember, we’re building an Article II Constitutional Army. We need you and we need you now!

We can’t accomplish any of this without your continued financial support. Your generous donations will help to develop our strategic field and communications plan, which includes securing constitutional political strategists to do targeted research and consult on strategy, and secondly, to secure and develop the tools our Constitutional army of patriots will need to carry out this critical work in the spring/summer/fall.

If A2PAC has already reached out to you in the past week or so and you have already donated, please accept our sincere thanks.

We have a donor base of about 700 patriots. We recently did a fundraising appeal and raised about $2,000. That $2,000 came from approximately 30 to 35 individuals or about 5% of those who had contributed before. We have so much more potential.

The anti-American left are counting on apathy amongst the masses as they push their anti-American, new-world, communist agenda forward at break-neck speed. Our country is being destroyed because so many are not doing their part to help.

Remember that if everyone who visited THIS SITE just today would contribute  $10...we would have an astounding $30,000! Or $5 per visitor would yield $15,000! 

And if everyone of our PAC donors would contribute just $10 we would have more than $7,000!

Remember, we cannot lead this fight without YOUR HELP! WE CANNOT.

We must not give up now! America's very survival is at stake. The Constitution is being destroyed and our freedom and liberty jeopardized at every turn. AKA Obama must be stopped NOW!

Donations can be made ONLINE at the Article II Super Pac website at: 

Donate by Mail...checks made payable to Article II Super PAC:
Article II Super PAC
PO BOX 940661
Simi Valley, CA. 93094


It's time to take back our country. Won't you PLEASE HELP?

Remember this: 


Article II Super Pac is about saving YOUR COUNTRY... so that YOU can preserve your freedom and liberty and your pursuit of happiness and thus have the opportunity to pursue those "mega millions" if you choose to do so! Think about it.

Thanks again!


  1. "Dr. Titus has agreed to do the work for a $10,000 retainer. We still need to raise an additional $2,800 in the next week. Will you help with this latest effort to ensure that Obama does not maintain his illegal power grab?"

    Using the figures quoted in this A2 appeal; it is apparent that several hundred persons who are reading this blog remain pretty indifferent or apathetic when in comes to the threats to our LIBERTY and OUR Constitution. Over 600 of your readers fit this description -- at this monument. BUT IF ONLY 100 of them would put a value of $28.00 on THEIR freedoms your needs of the moment would be satisfied. I will be mailing in another check -- this time for $28,00

    Like our "Freeways", Freedom is NOT "free" is has to be fought for generation by generation and the costs of losing it are astronomical.

  2. Thanks very much John. You cannot believe the apathy and indifference out there.


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