Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RE: OBAMA...No person ever seeking public office in the United States has ever had such a long and distinguished list of corrupt and criminal miscreant friends.


By J.B. Williams and Timothy Harrington
March 21, 2012
All the way back in 2004, when Sen. Ted Kennedy arranged the national début of a totally unknown freshman Illinois Senator at the DNC John Kerry convention, thinking people started asking intelligent questions - Who is this guy? – Where did he come from? – What has he ever done? – How did he get here? – Why are they creating such a big stir over this invisible nobody at the Kerry Convention?
From that point forward, the questions have only mounted up and no answers have been forthcoming, at least no honest answers.
By the 2008 election cycle, the nobody senator from nowhere had somehow become a presidential contender, powerful enough to destroy the Clinton War Room, once considered to be the most formidable political force in American history. How did this happen?
Questions swirling around the 2008 campaign of the unknown candidate were raging everywhere, except in the main stream press which seemed fully on-board the campaign to elect someone nobody had ever heard of before to the highest office in our land. According to all main stream accounts, he was the new political messiah sent to save the nation – and newsrooms never even asked to see his résumé, or so much as a real birth certificate.
By the 2008 DNC Convention, some answers were beginning to surface. But the biggest questions of all remained a mystery as the American press prepared the nation for a President nobody knew.
If it were still true that we could judge a person’s character by the company he keeps, Obama would have certainly been convicted via guilt by association long before he was sworn into office. No person ever seeking public office in the United States has ever had such a long and distinguished list of corrupt and criminal miscreant friends.
Still, the press remained totally disinterested in whom this nobody from nowhere was and how he came to such political prominence without a single achievement to his name and a résumé filled with nothing more than a long list of anti-American criminal cohorts.
Immediately following the election of Barack Hussein Obama II, the order to lock and seal all records pertaining to the new President-elect was issued and four years later, Americans can only guess what all remains under lock and key regarding a nobody they now know to be none of the things he claimed during his 2008 campaign.
Though his life remains a secret locked away, his actions as President scream loud and clear, a mountain of damning evidence about the nobody, his background, his belief systems and his audacious anti-American agenda, as Joe Biden puts it.
Since Obama took office in January of 2009, his administration has driven the nation into an unsustainable level of debt, increasing taxpayers national debt by 60% in less than four years, from $10 Trillion to $16 Trillion and rocketing skyward, before his re-election bid this coming November.
The Obama Administration has intentionally and criminally bankrupted what was once the most productive, prosperous and powerful nation on earth. This is nothing compared to Obama’s other first term achievements.

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