Friday, March 30, 2012

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Trevor Loudon Explains
U.S. Communist Infiltration ...MUST WATCH!!

Shocking Research - Obama's Commie Plans!
TREVOR LAYS IT ALL OUT: How Communists Infiltrated the DNC and Now Run the Party. How Obama was Mentored by a Communist Party Agent, Who the FBI had Standing Orders to Arrest, if War Broke Out. The Chicago Communist Leaders Who Created Obama's Meteoric Rise into Politics. Obama's Close Marxist Czars. The Communist Terrorist Bomber Organization, The Weather Underground, Led By Bill Ayers, Who's Plan is Being Implemented On Schedule by Obama.

Trevor is a Premier Obama Researcher, Who Stays Clear of the Now Overwhelming "Birther" Evidence for Fear of His Work being Discredited. However, Trevor, We Believe You Should Seize the Timing Right Now by Joining Criminal Investigation Forces with Jerome Corsi and Sherrif Joe Arpaio's Law Enforcement Investigation. Together, You Three can Accelerate the Halt of the Globally Dangerous, Obvious and Open Treason Now Taking Place at the Highest Levels of Our Government.
Barrack Obama Communist Marxist Socialist Islamic Terrorist

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