Saturday, March 24, 2012

ForgeryGate Is Provoking Us To Outrage

Barack Obama between flags SC ForgeryGate Is Provoking Us To Outrage
We have found the presidency of Barack Obama provoking us to outrage in unexplainable ways. Does he do this on purpose? We believe he does. He and his team single out Christians and conservatives by provoking them and then mocking their response to the provocations.
First,it is important to understand that one of the favorite tools of Alinskyites is mockery. They love to mock their enemies. In his primer on radical change,Saul Alinksy,the guru of the political movement most closely aligned with Obama,writes in his tactics training chapter,“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition,which then reacts to your advantage.”
What better way to mock your enemy than to send messages that infuriate them and then mock the response as “crazy”? They have been doing this throughout the ForgeryGate scandal.
The media in unison calls anyone that mentions the Obama Birth Certificate controversy and Obama’s lack of vetting and documentation as “obsessed and loony.”But Obama himself cannot stop talking about it. This week alone,he has mentioned it in public twice. On March 20,2012,he joked about it while meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland,Enda Kenny. The assembled reporters and supporters greeted his snide comment with uproarious laughter.
Also while in Cushing,Oklahoma to talk energy,Obama couldn’t help but talk about his birth certificate again. He asked a woman in the crowd that was allegedly born at the same hospital as him if she could,“find her birth certificate.”We know this only because Fox News reporter Ed Henry tweeted about it.
But if the president wants the issue of his birth certificate to not be in the news,why does he personally continue to talk about it? We contend he does want it in the news so that he can wield this “rules for radicals”strategy against his opponents.


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