Tuesday, March 27, 2012

May be a forgery?...DUH!...

Obama's birth certificate may be forgery

Kevin Tripp
26.03.2012, 11:48
Interview with Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, US.
Start from the beginning, why is this cold case squad that you had look at the President’s birth certificate and what do they come up with?Well, first of all we have about 3 000 party members, have a cold case party, they worked for nothing, they are ex-cops and attorneys. And I decided when the Tea Party, about 250, asked me to investigate the President’s birth certificate and I decided to give it to the cold case party so not to cost tax-payers any money. They started the investigation and obviously I gave instructions to do everything they can to clear the President on this issue. But as they dug into the investigation they came up with some evidence which tends to probably indicate that the birth certificate and the selective service form could be forgeries.

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  1. The Russian press has been lying for years, and Russia does not like Obama--but now birthers quote the Russian press because for the same reasons as they have (hatred of Obama) it publicizes the same claims.

    Well, we know that the birther posse used the "experts" from WND, and they have not proven their expertise, and they certainly have not proven that they are impartial.


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