Friday, June 29, 2012

Barack Obama has been a citizen of Kenya “by birth,” a dual citizen of the United States and Kenya. Under current policy of the U.S. government, even though he serves as President of the United States, he is obliged to obey the laws of both countries. It is precisely the reason why the Founding Fathers insisted that only “natural born” citizens should ever serve as president or vice president. Having been born with dual US-British citizenship, Barack Obama does not qualify as “natural born.”

Obama for President…of Kenya?
Paul R. Hollrah

Barack Hussein Obama will be fifty-one years, five months, and sixteen days old when he completes his four-year Frank Abagnale impersonation on January 20, 2013. That will be the day when he walks out of the White House for the last time, having played the role of President of the United States for four years, and having brought the greatest, freest, most prosperous nation on Earth to the very brink of disaster.

So what will we do with such a man...a man who promised a bedazzled electorate in 2008 that his goal was to totally transform the United States of America, a constitutional republic, into a European-style socialist state? Will he be arrested for his crimes and sentenced to spend the rest of his days behind bars? Or will the members of his party insulate him, insisting that his sham presidency was just their way of having a little fun with us...“water under the bridge”?

I suggest that Barack Obama may have his long term future already planned...assuming that he will be allowed to leave the country in 2013, a free man. As a man whose boundless narcissism has led him to “sweet-talk” his way into the presidency of the United States...the least qualified man ever to have his finger on the nuclear button...would it be too much of a stretch to imagine him returning to his beloved Kenya, the land of his fathers, to serve as president of that country?

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  1. ...and when he leaves the white house for the last time? Well, I think you may have made an error. He won, I'm happy and if you're not that's just too bad.


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