Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama's defense is based upon the right of a political party and not the people of the state of Florida to elect candidates.

What Happened At Obama’s Eligibility Hearing?-Part 2

obama birth certificate What Happened At Obamas Eligibility Hearing? Part 2
During the hearing Monday in front of Judge Terry Lewis,the defense argued their motion to dismiss. Mark Herron for Obama stated that since he ran unopposed that he was not in “fact” nominated and would not be Florida’s nominee until the Democratic national convention in September.
It was ironic however,that he cited Florida statute 101.252.  This statute was discussed in part one;since Obama ran unopposed,this statue automatically “declares” him nominated for the Democratic executive committee for the state of Florida.  The delegates are now pledged to support Obama by this action per statute 103.101 at their national convention. This left me to wonder how he could be “nominated” though not nominated until September;the legal conundrum left me reeling that such a contradiction in logic could happen. With all the other fortuitous circumstances that have happened to and for Obama,we can only wait and see how this one will play out.  What he attempted to do was focus and steer the court to a narrow issue and decide the case based upon the right of a political party and not the people of the state of Florida to elect candidates.

We are used to these types of paradigms with Obama,with his propensity to disenfranchise any group and people that stand between him and his political goals,so this was just more of the same.
He then went on to discuss that if in fact any dispute in Obama’s eligibility were to arise,it is the responsibility of Congress when the Electors are called to Washington D.C. to cast their votes for President in the Electoral College.  However,the question at issue in front of Judge Lewis is a matter of Florida law,and Obama’s attorney is only stalling until after the election;to quote Larry Klayman,they are “trying to kick the can the down the road,” which would make this matter moot after the general election in November.

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