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June 19, 2012  TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  (TPATH)–  Yesterday in a Florida court room those who signed up with World Net Daily were lucky enough to witness yet another verbal circus act by Obama attorneys and what appeared to be an accommodating Circus Master, Judge Terry Lewis.

The bottom line of the hearing yesterday was, that according to Obama's attorney, one Mike Herron, the Judge does not have the authority to remove Obama from the ballot just because their client is not a Natural Born Citizen.  And why? Well, Obama is not yet the Democratic nominee.  This is not a joke.  That really was their defense.

Larry Klayman, the challenging attorney, was well prepared, articulate and did a superb job in his presentation.  The only time Mr. Klayman seemed a bit taken off his game was when he was asked probably one of the most idiotic questions in the history of jurisprudence.  It was as if Larry couldn't believe his ears and had to recalculate the question.  Even then, everyone including Obama's lawyer tried hard to wipe the disbelieving smirks from their faces.

What was the Judge's question?  If a person's father, an American citizen, died after conception of his child, but before the child was born, would the child not be a Natural Born Citizen? 

So according to the Judge, when an American citizen dies he loses his citizenship, his ancestry and his birthright. This ladies and gentlemen, is what passes for interpreting and enforcing the law in today's America. 
Its such a disgrace.

While Mr. Klayman presented a case which under any other hearing, on any other subject, would have made a laughing stock out of the defense, we have seen too many spineless Judges and Justices during this eligibility crisis to even consider for a moment the rule of law will be followed.

An indication that the Judge never intended to take this case seriously and on the merits of the law, flashed like a beacon when the Judge asked questions of Mr. Klayman regarding items in his brief.  It was clear, very clear, the Judge sat in that court room without having read the submitted brief.

TPATH is not predicting this Judge will not rule in favor of the American people and our Constitution, but there will be no gasps of shocked wonderment when he rules in favor of the circus clowns.

June 19, 2012 TPATH

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  1. I knew that the fix was in when Lewis started asking stupid questions. The sad part is that there isn't a judge out there that's going to rule in favor of "We The People." Its just not going to happen. There is a great fear that taking Obama down would create massive civil unrest, and they want to avoid that at all costs ... even if it means totally ignoring the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

    And to make matters worse, Romney is now saying that Rubio is being vetted for the VP slot. The only problem with that is the fact that Rubio isn't a natural born citizen either. His parents weren't U.S. citizens at the time of his birth, and that alone automatically disqualifies him for consideration of that office. I don't think that I've ever been more frustrated with our judicial system than I am right now.



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