Monday, June 18, 2012


 George Miller from Obama Ballot Challenge reports:

Obama’s attorneys are desperately scrambling for technicalities to knock this case out, claiming he hasn’t been nominated, not a state decision, so the case is inappropriate.  Larry Klayman, plaintiff attorney for Mike Voeltz, countered with statute language seeming to indicate that a nomination HAS taken place and added that law must be interpreted in the voters’ interests and it is very clearly NOT in their interests to be given an ineligible candidate to vote for.

I just talked with Larry Klayman (11 A.M. PT).  He is not as concerned about the timing of the judge’s instructions. He feels the Obama attorneys are scrambling for technicalities to dismiss, because they don’t have the law and facts on their side.
He thinks the issues lie in the interactions of Florida laws with each other and with Federal law and that it’s clear cut that the states have the right/responsibility to control their elections, that Obama has in fact already been nominated, that the voters’ interests are foremost and tat it is clearly not in their best interests to wait longer to decide that an ineligible candidate should be taken off the ballot.

Klayman was interviewed by an AP reporter, who he described as a”Communist.” The reporter asserted that the issue was “already settled,” wanted to know when Voeltz became a Democrat and which Republicans Larry thought were ineligible for the Vice President (he replied “Rubio”). That should make for some interesting copy.

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