Sunday, September 12, 2010

912 Rally In D C Draws 100,000+

Obama motorcade passes by 912 DC protesters today.

I see the numbers of protesters that showed up for the DC rally is substantially down from a year ago. I noticed the same kind of decline at the Tax Day rally and the Fourth of July rally here in Houston from last year to this year. Is this the trend the Leftists are hoping for, yes, but not the pending results from such a trend.

Fewer people are showing up for these rallies, in my opinion not because of a loss of interest, rather because of a determined resolve which comes from a mind made up. These no shows, may not have been present physically, but that doesn't mean they aren't voting anti-obama. Look at the polls, listen to the commucrat infighting, check the hair length on a raccoon. The poor economy has a double dip effect as well. Firstly people are low on funds to make such a trip, secondly people know who to blame because they are low on funds (or out of work altogether). These are all telling signs of the growing tsunami about to hit November 2.

The Tea Party folk are still out there in droves, they are just not much on showing up to protests because frankly, it just isn't their bag. If and when they are truly needed, they'll be there. Terry and Larry Teapartyer will come out on 11/2 to vote, ( guaranteeing two more years of freedom just like some liberty ground hog), and then climbing back into their ford, go put in an honest day's work somewhere.

Let Freedom Ring


From The Daily Caller

“F**k the media,” Breitbart declared to TheDC, right before taking the stage to speak to the crowd.

At the U.S. Capitol building, the rally’s speakers called for more accountability in government, less spending and more fiscal responsibility – as well as for more fairness in the media.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke at the event, too, focusing on what the country and his state need to do to cut spending and fight health care reform.

He told TheDC the point of his speech was to “educate people about what’s going on in the health care case and about the contest between states and the federal government.”

“States didn’t bring it on, the federal government did, and we’re not going to sit idly by and watch them violate the Constitution,” Cuccinelli said about the need to fight the new health care law. “There’s a real opportunity for a really explosive situation November 2.”

The day’s festivities began with the Rev. C.L. Bryant holding a non-denominational prayer session at the Washington Monument, where Tea Partiers gathered for their march to the Capitol building.

Bryant told TheDC that come November 2, “you’re going to see a tidal wave, you’re going to see a tsunami wash through Washington, D.C. I would not be surprised if both Houses are taken over by conservatives.”

While marching down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Washington Monument to the rally site, with the Capitol building in sight, marchers chanted, “Can you hear us now, Nancy Pelosi?” and “Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey, hey, good-bye!” among other anti-establishment chants.

Two of the event’s speakers, Tito Nunez and Ana Puig, immigrated, legally, to the United States from South America. They both said they’re disgusted with how President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are governing the nation they moved to for a freer and more prosperous life.

“We need to elect the right people in November and then fight the indoctrination down the road,” Puig, who was representing Pennsylvania’s Kitchen Table Patriots, said. “We need to change what’s going on down at the school levels because those are future voters.”

Puig has four children and said America’s schools aren’t teaching children how to think for themselves.

“The teacher came out and flat out told my kids that the person to vote for was Barack Obama and that the best president in the history of the United States was Jimmy Carter,” Puig said.

Munez said he’s a part of the Tea Party movement because he doesn’t want the government to have to bail him out.

“I came to America to make it on my own, not to be a burden on the country, the government or the American people,” Munez said.

Shannon Brew, a freshman in college from Jacksonville, Fla. and a member of the First Coast Tea Party, thinks the mainstream media’s portrayal of the Tea Party as an old-people’s movement isn’t even close to accurate.

“The First Coast Tea Party has its own members of the future, and it’s all kids from high school to college,” said Brew, who was at the 9/12 rally with her mom, Kim.

Emily Weaver, a high school senior from Pittsburgh who sang the National Anthem at the rally, agreed with Brew’s assessment.

“Oh no, it’s definitely not just old people [in the Tea Party movement]. I know plenty of classmates back in Pittsburgh who believe what I believe,” she said.

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