Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Emperor Barack

Michael Reagan,

Much like one of his predecessors,Franklin D. Roosevelt,Barack Obama has all but declared war on the United States Supreme Court.
It will be remembered that in 1937 FDR was angry over the high court’s refusal to put a stamp of approval on much of his New Deal agenda,and sought to bend the court to his will by adding new members to the existing court membership.
Contemptuously calling the court’s members a collection of “nine old men,”FDR sought to “pack”the high court with up to six additional members more likely to do his bidding. The proposal lost steam and,thankfully,failed.
Mr. Obama has not gone quite that far —yet. But he’s getting close. Like most U.S. presidents who chafe under the high court’s authority to rule on the constitutionality of aspects of their agendas,Obama is unhappy with the court’s failure to recognize the divinity of his proposals,if not that of his personhood.
Too bad. As we are often reminded,“Into each life some rain must fall.”
Thanks to the high court,Mr. Obama has been much in need of an umbrella of late. The president’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was correctly overruled in a case involving religious freedom. The court clearly stated that the First Amendment protects churches in their decisions regarding workers with religious duties,a “ministerial exception”to employment-discrimination laws. This exception had already been….
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