Sunday, January 22, 2012

Media Attempt to Pick-Off All GOP Candidates, One-by-One is Undemocratic & Hypocritical
  Kelly OConnell Full Story
America is learning the perpetually painful lesson of a rampant Marxist media. Consider the three rings of the socialist travesty. Essential issues are boiled down by leftist “journalists” to infant pap. Meanwhile, answers to compelling problems are slanted in favor of big government solutions. Finally, Conservatives are then perpetually pilloried for daring to hold and express irreversible convictions. This perilous scenario was no more patently on display than in the Jan. 19th SC Presidential debate. Fraudulent statist minion John “Bille Jean” King made the egregious error of pretending a political debate was best begun by demanding a candidate answer a question on “open marriage.” After receiving both barrels in repeated broadsides from a livid New Gingrich, the anti-media beat-down received a standing ovation.

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