Sunday, January 29, 2012

The target is Obama!
  Henry Lamb Full Story
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Many people are convinced that this President has done more to destroy the United States in three years than all the other presidents combined. The only hope of preventing another four years of even more drastic destructive policies is the election of one of the four remaining Republican candidates. The two frontrunners are using their time and resources, even on national television where they can be seen by the public, arguing over whether Newt’s consulting contract with Freddie Mac is “lobbying,” or whether Mitt is a moderate. Wake up gentlemen; the target is Obama!


  1. BOTH major political parties are rotten to the core.

    The republicans are 'all in' on the obama conspiracy. If you don't believe me, i have a letter from my republican u.s. senator i can show you. Besides, how much 'conspiracy' must there be if The One's father was universally known to be a kenyan? Pretty obvious slap in the face to all voters.

    1. Yes, Anonymous, you are correct. There is really only one big party and that is "the Repubmocrats". How can Romney or Gingrich or Paul and others be trusted when they have not pointed out the corruption that made it possible for Obama to get elected in 2008, stay in the White House and wanting to be on the ballot for 2012?

  2. How about a 'no incumbent' political party?

    Seriously, not one incumbent - not one - should be elected ever again.

    Don't give either party any money. None. The democrats AND the republicans have BETRAYED you and they have BETRAYED their country.

    A couple more states and obama will have to resign anyway. After that, all incumbents in on the obama conspiracy to defraud all voters should be vanquished.

    Donate to a cause that will seek to try to knock obamafraud off the ballots!


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