Monday, January 30, 2012

Americans who recognize Barack Hussein Obama for who and what he is might be a fortnight away from breaking news which even the New York Times will be forced to print.

Obama Attorney Knows Eligibility Hearing Was Disaster For The President

barack obama9483 Obama attorney knows eligibility hearing was disaster for the president
Though we’ll not know the outcome of the Georgia hearing regarding ballot eligibility for the nation’s number 1 undocumented worker until the first part of February,Barack Obama’s high-powered attorney apparently suffered an attack of rapid,shallow breathing just before the courtroom drama was about to unfold.
One day prior to the scheduled hearing before Administrative Judge Michael Malihi,Obama attorney Michael Jablonski addressed both a letter to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp AND an email,directed to the Secretary via one of the court’s hearing officers,asking Kemp to cancel the hearing.
Georgia law allows “any elector who is eligible to vote for a candidate” to file an objection to that candidate’s inclusion on the State ballot. (1)
Such objection filings go to the Secretary of State who makes a determination to either overrule or pass them along to the State Administrative Court for disposition. Michael Malihi was the Administrative Judge to whom a number of these objections were directed by the Secretary and he found them worthy of pursuing in court.
The dozens of similar suits questioning Obama’s eligibility,filed in other venues around the nation were dismissed because the plaintiffs “lacked standing”—that is,were unable to prove direct,personal damage if Obama were to be permitted to remain in or run again for the office he holds.
But Georgia law trumped that defense,throwing Obama and Jablonski into uncharted waters. And forced to follow the new tack of actually having to lawfully and properly PROVE Obama’s eligibility,in the weeks since the original filing,Jablonski had pretty much emptied his quiver on behalf of the acting president.
On January 3rd his motion for an outright dismissal of the lawsuits was denied by Judge Malihi. And on Friday the 20th,his motion to quash subpoenas demanding the presence of Obama in the courtroom along with original copies of his Hawaii birth certificate and all Social Security information was denied as well.
But what degree of audacity,arrogance,hutzpah and perhaps downright panic does it require to demand that the Georgia Secretary of State cancel arguably the most anticipated hearing in state history less than 24 hours before its scheduled start? Never mind that it was Secretary Kemp who believed the suits had enough merit to be explored in the first place!
Jablonski’s letter alternately reads like a threat,a whine and a prayer as he misstates Georgia statute,belittles Judge Malihi,refers to irrelevant previous findings and ultimately states that because he and his revered client are not receiving the absolute acquiescence they so richly deserve at the hands of these minor Georgia officials,they will take their marbles and go home.
Indeed,so much in a dither was the mighty mouthpiece,he actually winds up his petulant epistle by telling Secretary Kemp that he doesn’t have the legal right to inconvenience the president in the first place!  “…No law gives the Secretary of State authority to determine the qualifications of someone named by a political party to be on the Presidential Preference Primary ballot,” writes Jablonski. “…The attempt to hold hearings on qualifications which you may not enforce is ultra vires.” (2)
It is not difficult to imagine Jablonski writing these words as he wags a finger in Kemp’s face while threatening to hold his breath until he turns blue!
In his written reply to Jablonski,Kemp briefly corrects the attorney’s incorrect reading of Georgia statute while issuing a friendly though unmistakably direct warning:“…if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings,please understand that you do so at your own peril.” (3)
Obama supporters and other useful idiots around the country are laughing at what they consider the efforts of a backward,Southern state to capture the national spotlight for its 15 minute allowance of fame.
But rest assured that Michael Jablonski does NOT see the humor! And Americans who recognize Barack Hussein Obama for who and what he is might be a fortnight away from breaking news which even the New York Times will be forced to print.

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