Saturday, January 21, 2012

Huckabee on O'Reilly: Did Obama Get Foreign Student Loans in College?


  1. Oh Billy,

    Where did you get your Conn. information from a year ago????? I thought BO was born in Conn. and his father from Kenya was with him? ha ha


  2. O'Reilly is a big mouth shill for obama . O'Reilly is a make believe conservative . The spin dose not stop with the factor on Fox News it starts . Fox News like the main stream media are in the tank for the fraud Obama . The only way the American People will get the truth is through the internet . Our news media has been paid not to go into the issue of obama's US Constitutional right to hold office. The news media which are suppose to be the American people's watch dog are in fact the guard dogs for the obama administration . Hardly a word is spoken by the main stream news media about the up coming court proceedings that is to take place on the 26th of January 2012 in Georgia . Obama is suppose to attend that court hearing to prove he is US Constitutionally qualified to be on the ballot there . Could there be any bigger new event then a sitting US President being told he had to appear in court to prove his legal status ?

  3. The liberal news media made another a false statement that the suits were denied on merit They were denied on standing and other technical procedures and not merit . This is the first court case that could be based on merit on obama's constitutional right to hold office or lack of right to hold office. This is just another case of the liberal news media tying to confuse the issue . They believe that We The People are dumb.


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