Tuesday, January 31, 2012

 MORE FROM obamaballotchallenge

You may not have heard much about:

Attorney Mark Hatfield (Representing Carl Swensson and Kevin Powell)

Attorney Van Irion (representing David Welden) was a guest of David Oxley on Radio Sandy Springs
The response to yesterday’s show on the Georgia Eligibility Case was very good.
Here is the direct link to our podcast for you or to pass on if you’d like:  http://radiosandysprings.com/podcasts/TLAFJan30.2012.mp3
This is so important and in my opinion Brian Kemp the Sec of State has no choice but to omit or disallow Obama’s name on the ballots.
David Oxley
 Van Irion’s organization: http://libertyleaglfoundation.org

Both of these attorneys are pushing the natural born Citizenship aspect. Orly Taitz is more on the identity fraud/document forgery side, emphasizing that not only is he not NBC, but may not be any kind of a citizen and might not even be “Barack Obama. She also brings up NBC.  Both approaches are useful.

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