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Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp warned them if “you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings,please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

What Witnesses Testified To At Obama’s Georgia Citizenship Hearing

President Obama6538 What witnesses testified to at Obama’s Georgia citizenship hearing

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Private Investigator Susan Daniels told Judge Michael Malihi under oath,as she reviewed her research into Barack Obama’s social security numbers investigation!
Her analysis centered on a Connecticut resident “born in 1890″ whose official registration somehow is mixed in with the Obama social security investigation.  Testimony at the court  hearing of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be placed on the Georgia ballot for reelection in 2012 revealed stunning sworn facts that clearly places into question the sitting president’s authenticity.
In an interview after the administrative hearing,Daniels said,“I discovered immediately. . .( that social security number) was fraudulent. . .was..  no way it was accurate.”  The live internet video stream suddenly went black when she said,“He’s using a . . . “  While I was able to glean some startling testimony,other witness responses to Attorney Orly Taitz’s questioning seemed garbled and had certain interruptions at key moments of the proceedings.
A remarkable source determined to bring the truth to the American people,namely htt://,should allow you to view the hearing if it somehow can still stay up.
Attorney Taitz’s first witness keyed in on the non-natural born citizen status of Barack Obama senior,a fact clearly stated by his son’s own words admitting his father was born in Kenya,a protectorate of Great Britain at the time of our sitting President’s birth.      Another forensic witness stated under oath that “1-the serial number is out of sequence 2-the (Nordyke) twins born after (Obama). . .their serial numbers are lower. . (you) would expect them to be higher. . .a certifying paragraph is different. . .the name of the registrar is different. . .(you) would expect the same (name) since they (twins and Obama) were born within 24 hours” of one another!   The forensic expert said,“There is credible evidence to warrant further investigation!”  Another computer scanner expert went through lengthy analysis of a soft wear creation of the birth certificate released last April as compared to a document simply scanned from the original.
African American Pastor James David Manning is calling out officialdom for keeping the American people in the dark about this never before hearing of a sitting U.S. president’s eligibility challenge.  “This is a big story,” he says on his web video.  Pastor Manning says our media outlets,our Republican candidates,the Supreme Court,all members of Congress are involved in a “Conspiracy” (his words) to hide from us what is really going on.
Dr. Jerome R. Corsi,author of several Barack Obama books,says Judge Malihi’s witnesses show “Barack Obama is slam-dunk-disqualified” to appear on the Georgia official 2012 ballot.   For him and his attorneys to not attend this official hearing was stunning.
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp warned them  if “you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings,please understand that you do so at your own peril.”  One commenter said,“I demand to know if my president is legal or not,no fooling around.”  Perhaps the biggest news story of our country’s recent history is under blackout in an omerta or code of silence  unprecedented in journalism.

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