Wednesday, October 29, 2014


A small tribute to our murdered young soldier as our country mourns for him and his family.

Corporal Nathan Cirillo Tribute

By Canada Free Press Roseanne Hamilton 

Nathan Cirillo
December 23, 1989—October 22, 2014

Highway of Heroes taking home
another of our best
A solemn piper plays a tune
as his soul is laid to rest.

Below the cenotaph he stood
unarmed beside his post
Proudly guarding the sacrifice
of the unknown soldiers ghost.

In reverence to the fallen
wearing uniform with pride
Watching over those who died
standing silent by their side.

He was placed on honour duty
there, at our command
From his tomb the unknown soldier
reached down and clasped his hand.

Roseanne Hamilton, October 26th 20014.

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